Brewer big upset

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: June 19, 2011

Karim Mayfield

Karim Mayfield

IOWA CITY,IOWA–(BASN) ESPN Friday night fights feature two veterans facing two undefeated prospects as Steve Forbes and Grady Brewer faced Karim Mayfield and Freddie Guerrero.

Three years ago, Forbes was fighting on the big stage against Oscar De La Hoya but now he was fighting prospects, hoping to keep his own career going. In the first round, Forbes pursued Mayfield as Mayfield looked quicker in his foot movement. Mayfield connected on a couple of lead rights as Forbes moved forward. The first round looked ugly as Forbes attempted to turn the fight into a gutter war.

The second round was a punch and grab as both fighter threw a punch and then held; mostly done by Forbes and not much was accomplished. The third round proved to be a repeat of the second round, a lot of holding and little action, until the last seconds of the round when a Mayfield nailed Forbes with a solid right that shook the veteran.

With a minute left in the fourth round, Forbes connected with a solid right for his first big punch of the fight but Mayfield still connected on more punches to win the round. In a bout with a lot of holding and little solid shots connecting; every punch counted.

Forbes first goal was to get Mayfield in the latter rounds as Mayfield never fought past six rounds and wear the younger opponent but going into the second half of the fight; he was behind on the cards. In between fifth and sixth round, Mayfield’s corner informed their fighter, “Forbes getting older every round, attack the body.” Mayfield went out in the sixth round and spend most of the round holding and pushing while Forbes attempted to work out of jams.

Forbes started to adjust as he moved back slightly to create some rooms to throw punches and score but at the end of the seventh round, Mayfield connected on two rights and left hook to punctuate the round to possibly steal the round. In the eighth round, Mayfield smothered Forbes on the rope as he used his physical advantages to push Forbes around the ring. Near the end of the round, Mayfield once again connected on some crisp punches and Forbes threw counter punches in desperation but found nothing but air. Mayfield appeared to get stronger as the fight progressed and with two rounds left, Forbes looked slower and Mayfield fresher.

Mayfield came out in the last round, attacking and connected on power combinations. Forbes, trapped in the corner, got nailed by three solid rights while avoiding others but the referee did not see Forbes fight back. The fight was stopped despite protest from Forbes, who felt that he had something left and was not ready to go down. Mayfield became the first fighter to stop Forbes and won his fourteenth straight fight.

Grady Brewer

Grady Brewer

Guerrero moved down from Middleweight to junior Middleweight as he fought the wily veteran Grady Brewer, whose highlight included a surprise The Contender Series championship when he upset Steve Forbes. Brewer spent much of his career fighting and working a full time job but he was always prepared to give his best regardless. Guerrero looked the quicker of the two fighters but at the end of the second round, Brewer finally connected on his first set of combinations to turn the fight into a competitive round.

In the third round, Guerrero reached in to land the big blow instead of working his way and Brewer connected on some combinations but halfway through the round, Guerrero connected on a left that sent Brewer in full retreat. Guerrero looked like he had the fight in control. Then the fourth round happened.

Brewer trapped Guerrero on the rope in the first minute of the fourth round and threw wild combinations that connected. Brewer’s combinations began with a right that stunned Guerrero and Brewer threw nothing but rights as Guerrero went through the rope. Guerrero beat the count but Brewer attacked again with rights. Guerrero tried to hold but Brewer took a half step back and landed a right hand uppercut that sent Guerrero down on his face. Brewer stunned everyone as he stopped the heavily favorite Guerrero, who everyone considered a blue chip prospect. This was the fourth time that Brewer defeated an undefeated prospect but this was the most impressive for not only was Guerrero a blue chipper but Brewer had hit the big 4-0. After suffering injuries for the past five years, Brewer came back to win a big fight that will allow him to collect a few more pay checks as a boxer.

This was night in which two grizzly veterans fought for survival. Forbes lost to a solid prospect but Grady Brewer produced one of the biggest upset in 2011. Forbes slipped toward opponent status but Brewer showed that he still had something left in the tank; a dangerous fighter for any prospects who are looking to make the move up.