Mike Shanahan;Who Wants To Play For This Racist Elitist ?

By Desi Cortez BASN staff writer
Updated: May 30, 2011

DENVER, CO—Bare with me while I delightfully drudge-up the past; “Did I mention the Washington Savage’s Mike Shanahan’s daughter was one of the Bush twins roommates while at the U of Texas. . . . .

Mike Shanahan along with the ol’ chip-off the elf, Kyle, have officially treated Donavon McNabb like a “Nigger,” and you know exactly what I’m talking about – handled him with a form of disrespect and contempt reserved for Blacks. Its that back-stabbing, below-the- belt sucker-punch which can only be truly delivered by a . . . drunk with power insecure, vindictive, spineless coward operating in a position of power”.

Alright-ee, that’s straight from the jackasses mouth . . . mine. See, the last time Mike Shanahan’s name came up in cocktail conversation – it was about racism, and now this time around, by taking, no – officially, publicly announcing, to the world where his loyalties lie in the current NFL labor war, Shanahan exemplifies what an self-anointed, pompous, egotistical, arrogant aristocratic ass walks n’ talks like. We’ll know them by their fake-as-hell burnt-orange suntans. Yes, the little arrogant Hobbit overseeing general is siding with the plantation owners; dig this off the e-presses: The Washington Redskins coaching staff distanced itself from other coaches Thursday by siding with ownership—and not the players—in the NFL’s labor dispute. This week the National Football League Coaches Association (NFLCA) filed an amicus (“friend of the court”) brief with the pending case in the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals (the Court), in support of the Players The Redskins released a statement signed by all 17 of the team’s assistant coaches. The statement was a response to a court brief in support of the players filed Wednesday by the NFL Coaches Association. “We stand united with our ownership, and the brief does not reflect our thoughts on the matter,” the statement said. “We, like everyone else, are hopeful that we can return to playing football. We look forward to a new (collective bargaining agreement), and welcoming back our players as soon as possible.” I’d argue, as I’m gonna do right here n’ now – Mike Shanahan is not only a racist, but he’s predictably an elitist. And I’d bet the plantation Rush Limbaugh and Mike Shanahan break-bread together and discuss the false rise of the Black Signal Caller in the NFL and how the lazy “little people” are stealing from “producers” – fatcats like themselves. Mike Shanahan is not a union man, not a man of the “little people” . . . despite obviously being one. When Rush said an NFL game resembled a gang fight between the Bloods and Crips . . . did Mike Shanahan concur? Did his son concur.? Yes, I’d like to ask a few litmus test questions of both Shanahans, I suspect it’d be very telling. Do both these men maintain political positions which if divulged would infuriate most segments of American society beyond that of the Shanahan’s peers – wealthy White males – like Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Michael Savage, Rand Paul, Shawn Hannity . . . ?Is the real Mike Shanahan offensive and insulting to most Americans of Color and all working-class citizens? I’d bet Shanahan favors the pharmaceutical empires, wants to dismantle this nations social safety net. You know where this little cat stood during the labor battle up in Wisconsin. I wonder how much of Rand Paul’s philosophy – that yearning to return to yesteryear, the good ol days . . . would Mike Shanahan bar Blacks from playing QB in the NFL – thinking it a waste of time to groom a man to do something he’s not intellectually capable of doing?

Least we minimize nor slight the fact that Washington Redskins is an historical “conservative organizatiom”- i.e., there’s a long history of the franchise being steeped in racism/sexism and classism – from the name of the club on.

And might I add; the little dictator didn’t have to make this statement of blind allegiance – he decided to. He weighed, measured and pounded the pros n’ cons . . . he calculated and then concluded this was the chessboard move he wanted to make. The carved-in-granite statement he wanted to make to the gridiron globe. And then he harbored the audacity to present/coerce his coaching staff to sign off on it. Can you say “punk-ass weasel?” That’s strategically, tactically . . . deliberately placing your staff in between a rock and a hard-ass place – all for “political reasons.” He’s a little tyrannical Tom Thumb of a man, is he not?. Instead of pounding my chest, poundin’ the table and pontificating . . . which is what I usually do (my wife feels it her ordained responsibility to tell me “to sit down and shut the you-know-what up on certain occasions) I’m going to merely hope that the players of today don’t forget how this man, and his boy feel about the unwashed masses. He’s counting on his players . . . and Washington fans being asses, forgetting, dismissing, moving-on after the conflict ceases. I hope all the players who hail from working class America, men whose families get their hands dirty everyday, break-a-sweat at work maybe, us their back-bones on occasion . . . wipe their own asses – that 90% of us blue-collar and no-collar homes where the words “labor union” aren’t painted n’ tainted as code words for “commie/pinko bastards” – I hope, pray to the Gods folks never forget where the Shanahans stood in this time of judgement. Here in Denver former players, Mark Schlereth name quickly comes to mind, who work in the media share stories on the air about Shanahan’s ruthless and cutthroat ways of doing business, i.e., the man’s a Republican in every sense of the word, a Thusrton Howell III Country Club Diamond card carrier. Mike’s got the morals, values and standards which are identical to Wall Street and America’s Investment class; I got mine . . . you get yours! Everyone for themselves One only for one, all for none. Don’t forget his daughter roomed with one of George W’s daughters in college, the Bushes and Shanahans are friends, and Shanahan pimped and exploited the Bronco’s “image” its status and clout to promote George W. during presendential campaigns . . .twice,and . . . get this, he’s the son of an electrician and a housewife: can you saynew money” American Royalty – got a little somethin’ , somethin’ n’ went stone crazy, forgot who you were, where you came from. Let this over-the-top signifying Son of a bitch’s political statement turn into Shanahan’s Last Stand, let Washington be the last place, the finale NFL team where men would give their blood, sweat n’ tears . . . be willing to die on the field for a penny-pinching puppet like this man . . . Shanahan.