Magdaleno wins impressively

By Tom Donelson BASN Staff Writer
Updated: May 7, 2011

Diego Magdaleno

Diego Magdaleno

IOWA CITY, IOWA—Bernabe Concepcion challenged Carlos Martinez in the build up bout to the undefeated Diego Magdaleno -Gilbert Sanchez Leon main event bout. The main event saw the undefeated Magdaleno preparing to meet veteran Sanchez Leon.

Concepcion started slowly as spent most of the opening stanza feeling out his opponent to see what he has to offer. Over the next two rounds, Martinez moved to angle and threw combinations. During an interview in the fourth round with the ESPN announcers, Concepcion trainer, Freddie Roach agreed with ESPN Ted Atlas that his fighter was waiting and allowing his opponent to get off.

With three rounds left, Concepcion found himself digging a hole as he seemed content to wait for the big punch while his opponent simply out punched him. At the end of the sixth round, Martinez unleashed combinations as he trapped Concepcion on the rope.

In the seventh round, Concepcion managed to connect a nasty right to Martinez but this failed to do much to Martinez, who responded by trapping Concepcion. Going into the eighth and final round, Freddie Roach told his fighter, “You need to put him on his back!” Concepcion came out hard with the idea of knocking out Martinez and managed to connect with some solid rights but it was a case of being too little, too late.

Martinez won the bout by split decision but he should have won a easy unanimous decision and who knows what fight the one judge who gave the bout to Concepcion was watching. Concepcion won two rounds at best and giving him three rounds was a stretch. Giving him five rounds was a gift underdeserved. Martinez at least got his victory; even it was closer on the scorecard than in the ring.

In the main event, Magdaleno felt Sanchez Leon out in the first round but in the second round, Magdaleno went to the body, with the idea of breaking down the taller Sanchez Leon. With a minute left, Magdaleno sent Sanchez Leon down with a left to the head followed by a right hook to the body. Sanchez Leon went back wobbled to his corner.

In the opening thirty seconds of the third round, Magdaleno attacked with ferocity as he nailed Sanchez Leon with a right hand hook that sent Sanchez Leon down. Sanchez Leon barely got up and his leg looked unsteady as Magdaleno went for the kill. Magdaleno trapped Sanchez Leon on the rope and a vicious straight left followed by a hook to the body sent Sanchez Leon down to his knees. The referee stopped the fight as it became apparent that Sanchez Leon had nothing left and Magdaleno was simply too good for his opponent.

Magdaleno scored his fifth straight knockout and continued his own movement up the ranks; showing that he might have the right stuff.

This evening, two favorites marched into the ring. Concepcion allowed his opponent to take control early and could not finish off Martinez in the later rounds when he needed aknockout. Magdaleno did what he was supposed to do, win and win impressively.