By By Eric D.Graham, BASN Columnist
Updated: May 24, 2011

1. Did you see Pittsburgh Steeler Ryan Clark on ESPN’s lst and Ten?

Yes, I saw Ryan Clark on ESPN. He looks like a young Frederick Douglas.

2. Do you love horses?

l love horses but I hate the Dallas Cowboys.


3.What is your advice for Miami Dolphins (WR) Brandon Marshall?

Never argue with a Black woman with a butcher knife.

4. How did you train your dog?

I told him about the Bad Newz Kennel

5.Who is your favorite “white bread” American born player in the NBA?

Psycho T, he is crazy good….

6. What do you want to tell Alabama’s Mark Ingram?

There is no need to cry, the New Orlean Saints are going to trade Reggie Bush.

7. Who should be Newt Gingrich running mate in 2012?

John Edwards, who else…?

8.After the Lakers lost to the Mavericks, what should Kobe Bryant have learned?

Becoming number one is easier than remaining number

9. Did you see the “Sugar” Shane vs. Manny Pacquiao fight?

No. I was in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, reading some of my uncle’s old jet magazines.

10. Who is the best player to come out of North Philly?

Hank Gathers….