By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: May 24, 2011

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick

OAKLAND,CA—It seems that White females have gained progress while Black drivers are still a work in progress at the Indiana speedway.

Janet Guthrie qualified and raced in 1977 and placed 28th. A year later she placed 9th becoming the first woman to ever race at the Brickyard. Ms. Guthrie had many other interest including trying to be the first female astronaut in 1964. She loved the field of science and would return after her racing days were over.

Let us remember Lyn St. James and her pink Indy car. She was the second woman to ever race at Indy. James was Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year in 1992. She was the first female to win 2 races in 24 hours at the Daytona and Sebring racing courses. James is now a motivational speaker for female drivers with her non for profit Women of the Winners Circle Foundation.

19 years old Sarah Marie Fisher would don the racing helmet and gloves in the late 1990’s becoming the youngest female to hit the Brickyard. Fisher was the third female to try to beat the boys at their private game. She has the most starts by a female and many men drivers like her because she does not fool around on the race course.

Milka Duno from Venezuela and joined two other women at Indianapolis in 2007. This was the most ever in North American history. Duno finished 19th . She was a very late bloomer as she started racing at 24 years old. She was a model and architect in her native land. Duno passion is helping children whenever she can writing books and producing children’s movies.

Ana Beatriz Figueriedo from Brazil drove in the big Indy in 2010 and placed 29th . She has been compared to Patrick and has more wins then Danica on the international circuit. “Little Bia” started racing at 8 years old with the help of her father. She moved up in class when she grew into her teen years. Figueriedo is most talented of the current group of female racers but she does not get the press releases in the United States that Patrick does.

Simona de Silvestro from Switzerland qualified in the 22nd position and finished 14th in the 2010 – 500 race. She was Rookie of the Year.

Silvestro battled for the last four qualifying bubble spots this year.

Ms. Danica Patrick got into the field with her qualifying run Monday morning taking one of the last spots on the racing grid. Many are beginning to question her driving skills. Driving with the boys in Indianapolis, Indiana seems to be the norm with her, but now she has to win. That will be very hard coming from the last few rows. Her sexy “go daddy”, commercials are not cutting it with most racing fans.


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