Welcome To The Endzone: The April Fools Edition

By by Eric D.Graham
Updated: April 1, 2011



Today is April Fool’s Day!! So, today in the End zone will celebrate day by naming some of the biggest fools in the world of sports and entertainment.
1. Ron Artest is a FOOL for given away his 2010 NBA Championship ring.

2. Donald Trump is a FOOL for claiming that President Obama’s birth certificate has something strange on it like he is a Muslim or something.

3. Dick Vitale and Jay Bilas are FOOLS for saying VCU didn’t deserve to be in the NCAA Tournament.

4. Shaunie O’Neal is a FOOL for making Black Women look so damn foolish on her show Basketball Wives.

5. Chad OchoCinco is a FOOL for trying to play Major League Soccer.

6. Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan is a FOOL for benching Donovan McNabb.

7. Dallas Cowboy (WR) Dez Bryant is a FOOL for getting kicked out of a Dallas mall for saggin”

8. The Indiana Pacers fans are a bunch of FOOLS for creating ARENA 55 for player Roy Hibbert.

9. Sammy Sosa is a FOOL for bleaching his skin.

10. The FEDS are a bunch of FOOLS for trying to convict Barry Bonds for using steroids.

11. Alabama fan Harvey Almorn Updyke Jr. is a Fool for getting arrested for poisoning the historic oaks at Auburn University

12. R &B singer Chris Brown is a Fool for busting out Good Morning America’s windows after an interview with Robin Roberts

13. And you are a bigger Fool for reading this stupid article