By Eric D.Graham
Updated: April 28, 2011

1. Do you think the Los Angeles Lakers Pau Gasol is soft?

Yes. I agree with Amare Stoudmaire….because Pau Gasol is softer than diaper full of baby doo-doo.

2. Do you think Tiger Woods need a new swing coach?

NO. Tiger wood doesn’t need a new swing coach. He needs to start “SWINGING” again. He is a swinger, right.

3. Do you like sports broadcaster Amani Jones’s voice?

I love Amani Jones’s voice. He is the James Earl Jones of sports

4. Who is your favorite Kim or Nikki?

Lil Kim, of course, she is still the Queen Bee….

5. What type of woman are you attracted to?

I like a pretty woman with a wicked jump shoot….Mya Moore are you dating anyone…

6. Do you think college athletes should be paid?

Yes. I think college athletes should be paid. My dad paid me for cutting the grass.

7. Do you drink 5-hour energy drinks?

No. I don’t drink 5-hour energy drinks because they are 24 hours in a day?

8. Do you think Dennis Rodman deserves to be in the Basketball Hall of Fame?

Yes. Dennis Rodman should be in Basketball Hall of Fame. But I only hope he does not do anything crazy to discredit his name.

9. Did you go to church on Easter Sunday?

Nope. I was in my bathroom, sitting on my toilet, reading some of my uncle’s jet magazines.

10. When you saw Shaquielle O’Neal hoppling off the court after getting injuried in the Celtic versus game, what was the first thing that came to your mind?

I hope he has some icy hot…..

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