By Eric Graham, BASN Staff Writer
Updated: April 28, 2011

“Live from My Toilet Talking S***”, is a new sports column featuring the infamous Black Athlete Sport Network’s Bobbee Bee “The Hater.” Every week, Bobbee Bee will personally answer all of your tough sports questions while sitting on his toilet and reading some of his uncle’s old Jet magazines

1. What are you going to do during the NFL lockout?

I am going to establish a new league called B.O.B., which means Ballers On A Budget.

2. What player is the most disappointed after being traded?

Byron Davis. He went from threwing a pass from the moon roof of a KIA at Slam-Dunk Contest to playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

3. Do you watch the Dan Patrick Show?

Yes….. But its starting to sound alot like Entertainment Tonight.

4. Since you have become a famous cartoon, will you star in your own reality show?

No…I will not star in my own reality show. I just want to be a regular on ESPN’s Around the Horn

5. What should Terrell Owens do to make extra income during the NFL lockout?

I think he should start selling those little hats he likes to wear.

6. Do you like the “New” look New York Knicks?

Yes….But I wish they played like the Denver Nuggets.

7. What do you think about Jalen Rose?

I love Jalen Rose but now I think he might have been drunk when he produced that FAB-Five documentary?

8. How did you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

I wore my Green Philadelphia Eagles jersey and called Bill O’Reilly a Pinhead….

9. Did you watch any Major League Baseball games on “Opening Day”?

Nope. I was in my bathroom, sitting on the toilet, reading some of my uncle’s old jet magazines.

10. If Donald Trump becomes President of the United States, what will happen?

He will re-name the White House, the Trump House. And instead of building a basketball court like President Obama, he will build a casino.

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