Here Comes The Hater vol. 23

By Eric D.Graham
Updated: April 18, 2011

“Live from My Toilet Talking S***”, is a new sports column featuring the infamous Black Athlete Sport Network’s Bobbee Bee “The Hater.” Every week, Bobbee Bee will personally answer all of your tough sports questions while sitting on his toilet and reading some of his uncle’s old Jet magazines

1. Did you see the 2011 NCAA Tournament Championship game between UConn vs. Butler?

No, I missed it..

2. What do you think about Hollywood?

I think Hollywood should be burned to the ground. How many Big Mamma Houses can they make….

3. Why don’t you watch Major League Baseball?

It’s impossible to watch 162 games plus the playoffs.

4. Do you like National High School Player of the Year Austin Rivers?

Yes……I like Austin Rivers but I can’t believe he decided to go Duke University after watching the Fab 5 documentary.

5. What do you want to tell former NBA superstar Chris Webber after viewing the Fab 5 documentary?

Don’t be upset, my teachers tell me to take a time out all the time.

6. Did you see the Texas A &M versus Norte Dame game?

Yes. I saw the Texas &M versus Norte Dame game. Plus, I like big girls. Danielle Adams call me sometimes…..

7. Did you hear about President Obama having to get 12 stitches in his lip after getting elbowed during a basketball game?

Nope. Because Snitches get Stitches….

8. Do you like VCU’s Shaka Smart?

Yes.. I love Shaka Smart because he was smart enough not to take the coaching position at N.C.State.

9. Do you like rapper Kayne West?

Yeah, I like Kayne West but those tight red lather pantshe had on at the NBA All-Star Game was a little disturbing.

10. If the world comes to an end in 2012, where will you be?

I’ll be in my bathroom, sitting on the toilet, reading some of my uncle’s old jet magazines.

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