By by Eric D.Graham BASN Staff Writer
Updated: March 28, 2011

North Carolina—(BASN)”Live from My Toilet Talking S***”, is a new sports column featuring the infamous Black Athlete Sport Network’s Bobbee Bee “The Hater.” Every week, Bobbee Bee will personally answer all of your tough sports questions while sitting on his toilet and reading some of his uncle’s old Jet magazines

1. Bobbee Bee, who did you invite to your backyard Bar-Be-Q last weekend?

That’s a stupid question, former Tennessee Volunteers head coach Daniel Pearl, who else?

2. Who should be the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals next year?

Kurt Warner. If he can do Dancing with the Stars, he can play quarterback for the Cardinals.

3. What should Cam Newton tell the news reporters, who are upset with his “I want to be an icon and entertainment remarks?

Cam Newton should say, “I told you a million times before, I do not exaggerate.”

4. Do you still watch American Idol?

Absolutely not. But I find it funny how they replaced Paula Abdul with Jennifer Lopez…..Oddly, neither one of them can sing but they can dance.

5. Were you shocked when you heard that Carson Palmer wanted to be traded from the Cincinnati Bengals?

No. I was shocked to hear Carson Palmer has $80 million dollars in the bank.

6. Do you like San Francisco 49ers linebacker Takeo Spikes?

Yes, but he doesn’t have a neck.

7. What should the New York Knicks do to improve their team chemistry?

First, the New York Knicks need to start playing some defense. Next, they need to fire their coach and hire Mark Jackson.

8. What is hush money?

Ask Bobby Bonds best friend Greg Anderson, because he knows….

9. Will you be watching the Elite 8 this weekend?

No….I will be in my bathroom, sitting on my toilet, reading some of my uncle’s old jet magazines.

10. What advice do you have for Muhammar Gaddhafi of Libya?

Shave-off that crazy-looking mustache…..

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