Tebow out. Cam in,…

By Desi Cortez
Updated: February 27, 2011

Denver, CO.–I don’t think the American sports nation understands the reaction, the backlash which would rise up off the Eastern prairie of Colorado, the avalanche of criticism which would descend down from atop the majestic Rockies, from afar away as the Western slope . . . if Pat Bowlen traded the Great white Hope, Tim Tebow, and in his place signed Cam Newton . . . . a Nigger.

They said, “Desi, warm it up” . . . I’m about to, right here n’ now. Sit back and dig . . . let me take your mind beyond the trees. Put on a little Maceo parker.

Yeah, I think that trade would spark such anger that you’d hear that exact comment boldly and defiantly stated on the Colorado radio airwaves. And to be honest, you’ve a decent chance of hearing it on the Denver Bronco’s official mouthpiece, 850 KOA, home of Rush Limbaugh.

I’m sorry, but if you don’t live in Colorado . . . you don’t get it.

Tim Tebow is an god fearing, bible passage tattooed All-American Christan gladiator, ready to march onward, representing all the is good, decent, White and to the political Right. Representing the Rocky Mountain Empire, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Idaho and the Dakotas, the last vestige, perhaps the finale bastion of, yes . . . “Real Americans,” true, legit, god fearing, did I say “God fearing,?” Well you can’t it enough. God fearing Americans . . . with that “rugged individualism” stamped on their asses.

Tebow is but a step away from leading an NFL franchise to the holy land of gridiron folklore – and he’ll do it with a few notable White players on the rooster to endear the predominately all Black team to the vastly lily White . . . and Conservative region.

Thank the gods I speak Rednecklish; conservative translates into anything from” I’d shoot my daughter if she married one” to ” I’d prefer if none move on my block.”

Tebow’s success on the field would lead to a marketing utopia. Because this kid is all that White America aspires-to and can relate- to in some form or fashion. He’s an good, “clean,” All-American kid. Actually that’s it – Tebow, like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood is what WASP Euro-Americans want their man-cubs to emulate n’ imitate, who they want their little girls to idolize and prize.

Sure the over-the-top religious aspect of who and what this kid is – turns off a lot, but its tolerable if not admirable in the minds of a Puritan rooted nation like America , especially down in Dixie and across the Heartland.

Personally, I like the Missionary Kid, I’d keep him, let him sit behind Kyle Orton whose game I’ve respected since his impressive rookie run. But I well-understand the infatuation with the dual-Cam Newton 457 Hemi-of-a-man . . . it’s a tough decision in my mind to toss Tebow for yeah, what may well be the NFL’s 2012 Fall Harvest Festival debutant.

Cam already believes his poop smells like roses.

Nonetheless, it won’t be difficult at all for the Denver Bronco’s sports-fans to instantly, I’m talkin’ snap, bing, bang, crack, and pop, the whole gang would done white sheets if TT was traded, Cam signed.

John Elway couldn’t get anyone to pay attention to the Broncos, let-alone pay for season tickets. Talk about White men gone mad . . . . Seriously.

The Mile-Hi City embraced John Elway, and I’m talking Grizzly hugged this surfer when he arrived from Caly, and they stayed with him through the trio of embarrassments at the Big Show . . . .

And when Elway got a running game via Terrell Davis, and he matured after a decade plus of pro-ball, to the point he could dissect the leagues better defenses – if he had time, didn’t have to throw 45 times a game, developed a touch” on the ball” – when these things all- came-together, along with a damn-good defense, and the Jackasses became Broncos, Champions – Elway, an Original draft of 82′ Great White Hope was anointed, the city was his, the state, the region was Elway Country.

If he wins with Tebow, Elway could be Governor, and go after the White House in 2016, or 2020. . . but if he trades away this latest version of an highly rare, damn near extinct White Alpha – Male . . . for another arrogant, big mouthed . . . Nigger.

Well John Elway couldn’t be elected Dog Catcher in neither Denver nor Nigger lips Wyoming. I kid you not.

See, you just don’t understand what’s at stake.

The same way Mike Vick’s going to prove a Black man can play the NFL Field General position with flair, flamboyance, and brains, with an obvious hint n’ tint of cerebral control added to his fabulous game – Tim Tebow is suppose to show the sports world all white men aren’t slow slew-footed ground sloths – clumsy, awkward, yet, to off-set and compensate for the physical limitations overly-cerebral in their approach . . . not that all White Signal callers are emotion-less, Vulcan like Computers with minimal heart.

Not since . . . . have we seen a White dude playing QB brave enough to attempt to outrun, fake-out and run over ferocious, savage like 245 pound Black dudes playing linebacker in the NFL as Tim Tebow has briefly demonstrated he can do.

You don’t understand!!!!

Tim Tebow represents! Like Conan the Barbarian with a pigskin and a cow-skin-clad good book.

He cannot be denied his opportunity to put all the crap-talking . . . Niggers back in our proper, subservient places. TT is in a spot where he can demonstrate and exemplify that White guys deserve and should assume their rightful place back atop, in the sun. (With a hat on and sun block . . . you don’t want to get too dark, right Mr Right?)

You don’t understand! Tim Tebow is a great White Hope, representing White folks most basic and simple hopes and aspirations . . . .

Why does anyone question this fact as an assertion; this is Sarah Palin’s boy; from the outdoors-men and back-wooders – the Davey Crockett/ Daniel Boone wing of White America have adopted this kid, to the religious fruitcakes and nuts . . . it’s a no brain-er for no brainers.

TT embodies and personifies the term “All-American, circa 1959”

Cam Newton reflects and personifies the term “Heisman trophy Winner,” captain of his national championship team, and an All American. . . . circa 2011.

A man equipped-with a tool belt capable of . . . redefining the QB position along with Vick – to a new job description that most BYU players can’t compete for.

That’s the kicker, as an QB. Niggers aren’t suppose to be smart enough nor cool n’ composed enough, have enough character and heart to perform well at this position of leadership, to redefine the position.

Niggers can’t read, let-alone lead.

See, that’s precisely the hostile racism President Obama is facing; despite his Ivy League credentials, his ability to improvise, adapt and overcome a childhood anyone would deem “unconventional,” making history . . . saved the country from a burning Bush, and still angry white people harbor no respect for this President. He’s simply a Nigger.

Oh please, don’t tell me otherwise, that’s the preferred term of endearment for millions of Archie Bunkers kin folks. And this is White America’s problem, the hurdle they can’t get over. It’s holding us all back.

For the rank n’ file proud Rednecks – Obama’s akin to having a Black dude as your boss or your team’s head coach or quarterback . . . or perhaps even, say it aint so, marrying your only daughter – it just will not fly with, and you may not dig this number, but dig this – millions, yes millions upon millions of White folks.

It’s just something about a black person in a decision making position, giving orders. I think it agitates, frustrates and “makes uncomfortable” far more White folks then you n’ I will ever know nor they will ever confess.

Maybe not, millions want to tell us to “go back to Africa” – where your diner is chasing you, and you can chase your dinner. America, love it or leave it . . . nigger!

That nation-wide mentality, coupled with something as abstract as the Cam Newton/Tim Tebow Affair merely solidifies a harsh reality forgotten by some; Americans-of-Color can do virtually nothing which will gain the respect of those who call themselves “Real Americans,” card carrying members of the Republican Tea Party, unless, as Blacks – we hate ourselves like Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas appear to . . . stand against 97% of Black America.

If Black America stood with these “Toms”, you know what, we’d still be Niggers in the eyes of Rush, Beck, Savage, Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter all the rest of the Good ol’ Boys.

Sorry, my old man said “tell the truth,” he didn’t say too much about “spare their feelings son.”

An after -thought: keep Tebow, draft Cam, have the two room together during camp, get a cable network, call the reality show . . . “The Defiant Ones.

Don’t forget your ass as you move beyond the trees.