Sex Sells!!!

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: February 9, 2011

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — There are two golden rules that govern the western media. One is, “If it bleeds; it leads.”

And other is, “Sex sells”. Yes, sex sells. Just ask Sports Illustrated, which best selling issue is its yearly swimsuit edition. Yes, sex sells.

Unfortunately, in the new information age, in the world of sports, it seems, as if, we are now concerned with players’ sex lives rather than their on the field stats.

And if we are totally honest, we must admit that pornography is the driving force behind the Internet and has become more mainstream over the years.

As a result, now the lead story of most sports programs is about what happened last night in an athlete’s bedroom rather than what happened in the locker room.

For instance, last year’s biggest sports story involved Tiger Woods’ ill-advised sexual escapades and adulterous affairs with a number of strippers, call girls, and porn stars.

Oddly with Tiger out of the headlines, now we are focusing all of our attention on rumors of Steeler WR Hines Ward going to a strip club in Dallas before the Super Bowl, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan’s foot fetish, Minnesota Vikings Brett Favre’s penis, Vince Young’s strip club brawl, sports reporters Inez Sainz’s tight jeans, and Chad Johnson’s disturbing 1-800-sex hot line number, which accidentally appeared on the side of his OchocincO’s cereal box early this year.

Yeah, sex still sells.

Ask NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, whose lesbian laced commercials are a favorite amongst young adolescent boys? Or ask MTV2, who is currently airing the Lingerie Football League, which is a game played by women in their bras and panties?

Sadly, this form of football should be on the Playboy channel instead of MTV.

But as sex and sports continue to lay in bed together, the sports section has now become more like TMZ rather than Sports Center. As a result, we still continue to discuss which football player is sleeping with Kim Karadashian, who became famous for a sex tape with R&B singer Ray J, during Monday Night Football?

Or whether Spurs point guard Tony Parker slept with former teammate Brent Barry ex-wife, which allegedly led to his divorce with actress Eva Longoria during the NBA Playoffs?

Yes, this is the disturbing new trend in sports.

This is one reason why shows like VH-1’s Basketball Wives and Football Wives, which are both produced by Shaunie O’Neal, (Shaquille O’Neal ex-wife) have now infiltrated into the sports pages. (Read my previous article called True Female Ballers on BASN)

As a result, more sports fans have become concerned with who is scoring in the bedroom rather than who is scoring on the field, more occupied with who is in divorce court rather than who is playing on the court.

The courtship between sex and sports will forever change the game in this new tabloid press.

And I feel cheated by it all.