One of New York’s Finest

By Jerald L. Hoover, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: February 1, 2011

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Ben Gordon (middle) appears on ESPN's

Ben Gordon (middle) appears on ESPN's "Sports Nation" with Colin Cowherd (left) and Michelle Beadle (right).

NEW YORK (BASN) — Ben Gordon who was once known at MSG as “Ben Jordan” and “Madison Square Gordon” when he was a roaring Chicago Bull made his way back home to New York as a Detroit Piston.

He put on a show like the old days. Although the Knicks won the game 124-106, Gordon won the overall scoring battle against superstar forward Amare Stoudemire, 35 to 33 points.

They of course did not guard one another and that is too bad as both went to work in the third quarter. Stoudemire scored 26 points overall in the second half while Gordon hit 16 points in the third.

He shot the ball at will from 3-point range and every time the ball left his hands after he made his first one you could hear a hush in the crowd. “I always enjoy playing in the Garden, it’s like home for me,” said Gordon the UConn product who grew up 15 miles away in Mount Vernon, New York.

When Gordon was terrorizing the Knicks back in the day as a Bull, he didn’t do it ala Michael Jordan, who would dunk, post and shot from mid range at the drop of a dime.

Gordon would put fear and trembling into the hearts of Knicks fans the way former Indiana Pacer Reggie Miller would do it with jump shots from deep coming off picks and screens and letting the ball fly within a nano-second.

Gordon had a desire to come home to the Knicks when he was a free agent, but according to him, “it just didn’t happen. But, it was a dream of mine to play for my hometown team.”

With what Gordon signed for with the Pistons, the Knicks weren’t even close to his asking price as New York was capped out and would have had to ask Gordon to sign for the mid-level exemption.

Losing in Detroit sure isn’t the same as the winning ways of the Bulls. And quite a few of Gordon’s teammates have had their share of run-ins with the coach, John Kuester who sometimes appears to be in over his head.

But, at this point how could the General Manager, Hall of Famer, Joe Dumars fire him with the team being up for sale? There’s no why ownership would agree to pay Kuester to sit home and collect checks while bringing in another coach to fix the unbalanced roster problem.

Had Gordon been able to come to terms with the Bulls, he and All-star Derrick Rose would have been a load of a tandem to have to deal with for years to come.

They would have been much more explosive then the potent Golden State tandem of, Monte Ellis and Stephen Curry who are no slouch by any stretch of the imagination.

Defensively, they wouldn’t have been able to stop anyone, but with Joakim Noah patrolling the paint they wouldn’t have suffered too much with the way they would’ve put offensive pressure on opponents.

Rose was the point guard in his rookie season when Gordon went for 42 points in that epic first round encounter against the Boston Celtics series. The chemistry was there between the two of them and the Bulls have not been able to replace Gordon’s point output at that position.

As they say, “sometimes the very best trades are the one’s that aren’t made.”

Well in this case, this free agency divorce is one that never should have happened. Although the Bulls are in much better shape than the Pistons at this stage with Carlos Boozer and the ever improving Noah, Gordon would’ve no doubt gotten them over the top.


Lazarus was again raised from the dead as Timofey Movgov turned into Patrick Ewing for a night against the Pistons. He turned in an All-star performance with career highs in minutes (40), points (23) and rebounds (14) as Eddy Curry watched in a suit and tie. The Knicks had on 6 turnovers all game while the Pistons had 14 for the contest. They’re now 11-4 in the last 15 games after starting 2-5 at MSG. Danillo Gallinari exploded for 29 points and this is the third time in five games that he has reached the 20 point mark. New York improved to 21-10 when hitting the century mark.