It’s a ‘Jersey’ thing

By Richard Kent, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: January 23, 2011
NEW JERSEY (BASN) — It was a rivalry game.

The coaches tried to downplay it. The players didn’t talk about it much, but it had rivalry written all over it. And the rivalry may have taken a significant turn south towards New Brunswick as Rutgers beat a more talented Seton Hall team on the road 66-60.

The Scarlet Knights, who led wire to wire, is not supposed to win on the road. They’re not supposed to lead wire to wire. The rivalry is still there, but few now doubt that Rutgers has the upper hand not only in the upcoming game at the RAC, but in the foreseeable future as well.

Rutgers brings in a top 20 nationally recruiting class.

Seton Hall loses a lot and does not bring in much of a class. That is why Pirate head coach Kevin Willard felt that this was a big game. He even put a big exclamation point on it by putting a towel on each players’ chair reading, “Thou Shalt Not Lose To Rutgers.”

Sophomore Dane Miller did a tremendous job on Seton Hall scoring machine Jeremy Hazell, especially in the first half. Hazell admittedly is injured but has been back now for a while and was ready to play.

Rutgers also only had one day to prepare as they had a home game against South Florida on Thursday night. The Scarlet Knights are now 3-4 in the Big East for the first time in a while.

They are not an NCAA team, but if they can knock off the likes of Seton Hall at home and DePaul and Providence on the road and win one in the Big East tournament,they could be NIT bound.

That says a lot for a team that probabaly has no player on it that could start for UConn, Syracuse, Villanova, Marquette or Georgetown.

Seton Hall must go back to the drawing board in Willard’s first season. They clearly have more talent this year than they will next with Hazell and Herb Pope who had a double-double