Being a big beast, again

By Richard Kent, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: January 16, 2011
CONNECTICUT (BASN) — The Big East has been a dynamic men’s basketball conference almost since day one.

It has never seen a better year than 1985 in which St. John’s,Georgetown and Villanova all made the Final Four and Villanova bested Georgetown in the final.

Since then UConn has won two National Championships and Syracuse one and numerous Big East teams have been Final Four participants.

This year, the Selection Committee will be hard pressed to not take 10 Big East teams. It won’t and will probably take eight so that some mid-majors can get in as a result of the performance of Butler last year.

Right now, an amazing five Big East teams are in the top ten and even more amazingly eight of the top 16 RPI teams are from the Big East.

Saturday’s Louisville-Marquette might have been the college game of the year, with the Cardinals making a dramatic comeback to edge a very talented and NCAA bound Golden Eagle team 71-70 The ‘Ville came back from being down 65-47 with 5:44 remaining.

The Big East may not have a national champ in it midst as Duke is the favorite to win it all, or a player of the year, but it has unparalleled depth and at least 10 of the top 30 coaches in the country.

Georgetown is one heck of a team with maybe the best backcourt in the country but before today’s win at Rutgers it was 1-4 in Conference. Put them in the A-10 and they would go undefeated.

They might win the Big 10 and would be a contender in the SEC.

Many talked about the fact that UConn did not belong in a BCS football game over a team like Boise State. Could be true but no one will question any number of Big East teams in the Final Four.

For our money right now — Pittsburgh, Syracuse, UConn, Louisville and Marquette are all contenders to get that far with Notre Dame not far behind.