The Best of the Best in 2010

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: December 29, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — These are the Best of the Best.

These are the voices of victory. The talkers with talent.

They are the talking heads that keep us informed with a daily dose of sports information. They all have the gift of gab and we love to listen to them. So today, we give them a round of applause.

Congratulations. You are one of the best.

1. Best Color Commentator

Gus Johnson. He brings excitement to any game he covers. His voice is so good; it was used in the Madden 11 Video game.

2. The Hippest Sports Reporter

Stephen A. Smith. He revolutionized the game. He is loud, opinionated, and knowledgeable. Plus, he went to Winston-Salem State University. Stay tuned for his new show on Showtime.

3. Best voice in the Business

Bomani Jones. He’s tall and talented. And his voice is deeper than James Earl Jones aka Darth Vader and this is CNN” When Jones goes toe-for-toe with ESPN’s 1st and 10 Skip Bayless, he always comes out victorious. TKO.

4. Boldest Broadcaster

Tony McClean, editor and chief of You can hear this brother breaking down the game on the Batchelor Pad with L.A. Batchelor. This brother has a wealth of knowledge. He is a true historian of the game. Plus a protector of the legacy of Black Athletes. I have learned so much from this brother. Now go listen to the show.

5. The “Suavest” Sports Editor

Michael Ingram, Sports editor for Suavv Magazine in Philadelphia and associate editor for Black Athlete Sports Network. Listen to him on the Batchelor Pad telling” it like it T-I-….is”

6. Best Debater.

ESPN’s Skip Bayless. He is the Simon Cowell of Sports. He thinks he knows everything. The reason why he is the best debater on television, because he claims to have seen every dribble and every game.”

7. Best Two-Man Tag Team

The Two Live Stews. These two brilliant Black Brothers from the Atlanta have the gift of gab to talk about any topic. Check out their show Black Men Revealed on TV ONE.

8. Most Versatile Sports Broadcaster

Bryant Gumble. He can go from covering sports, to hosting the Today Show, HBO Real Sports and even the View or Regis and Katie Lee. Truly, a multi-talented dude.

9. Best Female Debater.

Jemele Hill. She is smart. She’s sexy. Plus she knows sports. And in a debate, she can go toe to toe and blow for blow with any male in the room.

10. Prettiest Host of a Sports Program

Reischea Canidate. She looks good even when she’s pregnant.

11. Best NBA Commentator who really should be a Head Coach.

Mark Jackson. His basketball I.Q. is off the charts. His basketball savvy is supreme.

12. Smoothest New Sports Analyst

Chris Webber, C.Webb has made a smooth transition from the basketball court to the broadcast booth. He’s a smooth operator like Big Daddy Kane.

13. Most Respected Broadcaster.

James Brown of CBS Sports.

14. Most Intense Sports Commentator

Chris Carter and former NFL head coach Herman Edwards. They both have those dark, thick eyebrows and they love screaming and yelling into the camera, until you agree with their point of view.

15. Most Entertaining Commentators

NBA on TNT featuring Charles, Kenny, and Ernie. You never know what these dudes will talk about. And Charles Barkley has become basketball’s biggest buffoon. Sometimes, this show is even better than the game itself. Pure most see television.

16. Best Sports Duo

Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin on the NFL Network’s NFL Game Day Final. These two guys are flashy, fashionable, flamboyant, and a lot of fun. They always give a true depiction of what athletes are really thinking. And Deion Sanders’ top 10 Primetime segment is awesome, especially with music provided by rapper Ice Cube.

17. Most Intelligent Studio Superstar

Marshall Faulk of the NFL Network. He is a natural. He demands your attention. He is flawless in front of the camera. He brings certain seriousness to the studio.

18. Smartest Baseball Broadcaster

Bob Costas. He is a “walking in encyclopedia” of sports information. As President Dwight Eisenhower once said, “A man who takes more words than necessary to tell us more than he knows.”

19. Best Interviewer or Questionnaire.

Dan Patrick. Patrick has the ability to ask interesting questions and for some odd reason the people being interviewed are stupid enough to answer them.

20. Silliest Sports Writer.

Woody Paige. We love him on Around the Horn. Especially, the words of wisdom and quirky remarks he leaves on his blackboard in the background. Keep up the good work.

21. Best “Black Sports Site”

22. Most Trustworthy Sports Broadcaster

Michael Wilbon. If it comes out of Wilbon’s mouth, we believe it. He is a reliable source that we believe and trust.

23. Coolest Sports Writer

Michael Smith. He seems out of place when he is in a room full of old, grumpy white sports writers.

24. Best Sideline Reporter

Fox Sports Pam Oliver. She is a class act, who is not afraid to go into the locker room. She’s always professional but not afraid to ask the tough questions. Sorry Inez.

25. Best New NBA Analyst on Television.

Jalen Rose. He played the game. He knows the game. And he has a bright future in the broadcast business.

26. The New Barbara Walters of Daytime

Robin Roberts. She went from ESPN to hosting Good Morning America. We love sitting down with Robin because she is loved and respected.

27. Best/Worst Sports Commentators

Shannon Sharpe and Magic Johnson. Both of these guys need a speech therapist. But we love to hear them bumble and stumble through a bunch of words and sentences.

28. Best Defender of LeBron James

Chris Broussard. “I am my brother’s keeper”

29. Best Sports Cartoon by Sports Writer

Eric D.Graham. The creator of “In the Mind of Bobbee Bee”. Sorry for the shameless self-promotion

30. Best Host of Radio Program

L.A. Batchelor. The Batchelor Pad.

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