Straight No Chaser: Scarier than fiction

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: December 29, 2010
DENVER (BASN) — What does it say about a nation which can forgive two men who lied, connived, deceived . . . cheated their way out of “the war” of their era as young men (i.e., Vietnam).
And then, as wise old men had the cold-blooded audacity to sacrifice the blood of thousands of young wide-eyed American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of clearly lesser Iraqi lives in search of Black Gold, Texas Tea, while nonetheless the “True American” core of the country (conservative White folks) want to ban, bar and actually brand a man for abusing dogs.

It’s got much more to do with the man, the color of the man . . . then it does the death of dogs.

President Obama’s not being ridiculed and lambasted because he endorsed the Philadelphia Eagles ownership for willing to give an ex-K-9 killer like Mike Vick a second chance chance.

No instead he’s being taken to the woodshed, primarily by his enemies . . . White America – because he’s an uppity nigger, who refuses to accept the pre-assigned seat White society has designated for him – to be seldom-seen and hardly-ever heard,

Obama’s usage of this nation’s bully pulpit to defend and rationalize the plight of a Ebony Gladiator who’s redefining the NFL’s Golden Boy “Field General” position . . . to the predictable point – White guys can’t compete for the position any longer. . . and dominating it – is a nightmare come-to-life for millions of Rednecks.

Both the President and the NFL signal-caller are racially polarizing figures . . . in the eyes of most White Americans, who’re the elements within our society vilifying, dehumanizing and demonizing these two men on a hourly basis.
But let’s not stop at comparing the hypocrisy behind the blind hatred of Vick to politicians, let’s just look at other NFL Quarterbacks. Brett Favre’s already been forgiven, if not for cheating on his Cancer battling wife – but for embarrassing her and shaming her in front of the world.
The NFL’s Grand Pooh-Pah, Roger Goodell, the spokesperson for the league’s ownership cartel has strategically waited to the end of this Great White Hope’s playing days to render any decision regarding Brett’s frat-boy behavior.
The sportsfans who’re addicted to this male soap-opera called football have once more turned a blind-eye and deaf-ear to the Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Rothlisberger – this cats been accused once more, yes once more with rape.
And this last time the whole restroom rape scene stunk; paid-off jock-sniffing cops who dismantled the plaintiffs/whore/slut’s case.
Rape. The rape of a women, a human, . . . a white women, two white women – and sportsfans across America have forgiven him. Can you envision the uproar and backlash if Vick had raped White women . . . ?
White America would do to Mike Vick what they want to do to him for killing dogs . . . drag him out in the town square and lynch him.
And you’ll well aware of the call for violence and vengeance against Vick if you’ve been reading and listening to this entire saga over it’s tragic lifespan – you can’t deny that’s what a significant slice of White America yearns for and damn near has openly advocated.
Please recall, this is a nation with a demonstrated track record of “throwing the book” at people-of-color; look at the present US prison population.
And note long before Blacks were disproportionally imprisoned, we were disproportionally hung, castrated, tarred n’ feathered, beaten, shot, raped, mutilated and discriminated against . . . by good, god-fearing, flag waving real Americans – who would come from miles around to see a “nigger swing.”
Let’s not dance around the fire with this one; America, actually White Americans, have something Vulcan like inside of them which enables them to either lead the charge, or perhaps join the angry lynch-mob themselves or merely sit quietly by – as Blacks are ramrodded by Rednecks. History hammers home that point.
The last thing angry White Tea Party members want to witness is a Black man, (truthfully – a man whose the by-product of a Black man “taking,” raping a little White Nordic snow princess) rationalizing, understanding empathizing and sympathizing with a animal, a human black animal.
It’s one thing to forgive perverts for child abuse, allow them back into mainstream society . . . but, its another thing to do likewise for a rich, uppity Black athlete who abused Pitt Bull dogs and has now redeemed himself – there’s no love nor respect for him as far as most, not all but most White folks are concerned.
This segment of this country, meat-eating hunters clad in cow-skin – rather ruin, kill a young Black man for abusing dogs – then redeem and save him, make him a productive element of society.

There’s absolutely nothing shocking or new about such a hateful mentality.
EDITOR’S NOTE: On Wednesday, fhe NFL fined Brett Favre $50,000 for a “failure to cooperate” with the investigation into allegations he sent inappropriate messages and lewd photos to a former New York Jets’ game-day hostess.