Something to look forward to

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: December 31, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — The biggest fight for January will be Tim Bradley vs. Devon Alexander in a battle of undefeated junior welterweights.

Along with Amir Khan, Alexander and Bradley are young fighters hitting their peak and something unusual in today’s boxing world, two young fighters hitting their peak actually fighting each other.

Even though neither fighter are big stars, they are excellent technicians who provide exciting fights.

Over the past year, the junior welterweights division became a division filled with young superstars just as Kahn, Alexander and Bradley along with young knockout star Marco Maidana, who nearly came back from defeat to almost snatch victory in his last bout with Kahn, who managed to survive some of Maidana’s wicked blows.

Bradley vs. Alexander is a fight that is hard to say who will win.

Both fighters are not knockout artists, but they do have some pop in their punch. Alexander stopped Juan Urango, a heavy handed puncher in March and Bradley decision the previously undefeated hard-hitting Argentina Luis Abregu, so both fighters have beaten some harder punching fighters.

This fight could set up a big dollar event with Brit Amir Khan who survived a tough bout with Maidana. Just keep the theme going, prospect Ruslan Provodnikov will fight on January 7th as he continues his move forward up toward a match ups with elite junior welterweights.

Chris Arreola continues yet another comeback after losing a key bout to Polish Heavyweight Tomasz Adamek. Before he fought Vitali Klitschko, he was considered one of the bright lights for American Heavyweights.

But Klitschko blasted Arreola and then Adamek, a former Cruiserweight champion, picked Arreola apart with sharp boxing skills, setting Arreola career back to ground zero.

In his last bout, Chris Arreola won a unanimous decision over Manuel Quezada but no knows how big of deal this was since Quezada was hardly a elite fighter.

Against Joey Abell, we have another bout with second tier heavyweight with an impressive knockout ratio, 26 KO’s among his 27 victories but Abell has not fought the quality of competition that Arreola has.

This is one of those test fights in which Arreola has to show that he is still has what it takes to win a big title.

Overseas David Haye, former Cruiserweight and now WBA heavyweight title holder, is supposedly is offering a serious bid to get Wlad Klitschko into the ring. In the past, Haye has talked about how he wanted the Klitschko’s brothers in the ring but somehow the fight never seems to get done.

Haye has beaten the over the hill John Ruiz and Audley Harrison in his last two bouts after he took the title from Nikola Valuev. This is hardly the stuff that legends are built on, but beat one of the Klitschko’s brothers and maybe, a new star will be born.

So far, Haye has done a lot more talking than legend building in the ring.

Evander Holyfield has decided to keep fighting against Sherman Williams, why is anyone guess? Williams will be the younger fighter at the age of 38 in this bout in a fight that has one asking, who will actually pay to watch?

Holyfield-Williams not withstanding, there are some exciting bouts to get boxing fans excited for 2011.