It’s Must-Hate TV

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: December 9, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — Something monumental happened last Thursday night during primetime TV. Two of the most hated and despised athletes in America were on television at the same time.

On one channel, “the backstabbing” LeBron James was greeted with the loud boos from the Cleveland Cavaliers fans as he skipped on the basketball court, as a new member of the Miami Heat.

While on another channel, “the villainous dog-fighting kingpin” Mike Vick, who is still seeking redemption after spending 19 months in federal prison, slowed jogged onto a frozen football field to the cheers of a few finicky Philadelphia Eagle fans, who would throw snowballs with double A batteries in them, if he loses or plays badly.

That was the scene, the situation, and the story. Michael Vick and LeBron. Same night; different channels. Which one would they watch?

This was the question millions of sports fans had to decide as they sat in front of their flat screen televisions with the remote control in their hands last Thursday night.

Which player did they hated the most, which player was worthy of their time, worthy of their criticism, and their malice?

But while more than 5.8 million people flipped from one channel to the next, trying to catch all the pre-game interviews, the latest rumor reports, and the final game analysis, they were flabbergasted when they saw LeBron James hugging Cincinnati Bengals WR Terrell Owens at courtside during the Heat and Cavs game.

Now, three of the four most hated athletes were on television at one moment.

Two of them, in fact, were in the same arena. (James and Owens).

With the T.O. and James embrace, all of these frustrated fans needed now were to flip back to the Philadelphia Eagles versus the Houston Texans game and see golfer Tiger Woods twitting on the sideline beside coach Andy Reid with a No. 7 Mike Vick jersey on.

That image alone could have caused one to shoot the television with a double barrel shotgun like Wisconsin-native Steven Cowan, who did just that while watching Bristol Palin on an episode of Dancing with the Stars.

But at the end of the night, LeBron scored 38 points in Miami’s 118-90 blow-out against the Cavs and Vick threw for 302 yards and accounted for three touchdowns in the Eagles’ 34-24 victory over the Houston Texans.


As a result, many people were happy with the Thursday night outcomes.

But the hate will continue.