Competition is still in his heart

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: October 6, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Dorsey Levens played in two Super Bowls with the Green Bay Packers, including being part of the victorious Super Bowl XXXI squad.

Last year, he joined the Packers’ Hall of Fame, a shrine for one of NFL’s most storied franchises. Today, Levens is using his football experience to work as a broadcaster for Comcast and other outlets as well beginning an acting career that includes producing his own play, Torn.

In addition, Levens’ works with various charities including the Hirsch Academy, a school for special needs children, and one of the ways the money is raised is through Atlanta Corporate Fight Night.

Atlanta Corporate Fight Night is organization that features local white collars who trained and fight, often for charity events. Levens got involved in with Atlanta Corporate Fight Night due to working with one of his co-stars of the play Torn, woman boxer Corinne De Groot.

On October 21st, Atlanta Corporate Fight Night goes into high gear with another show with Hirsch Academy as one of its beneficiary with Levens as host.

Levens, who was born in Syracuse, presently lives in Atlanta, where he first made a name for himself playing for Georgia Tech. (He originally went to Notre Dame, but a injury short circuited his career at Notre Dame and he transferred to Georgia Tech.)

He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers and had a successful career that included two 1,000-yard season before knee injuries shortened his stay in Green Bay.

After being released by the Packers, he went to Philadelphia followed by a short trip to the New York Giants before ending his career with another trip to the Super Bowl as a member of the 2005 Philadelphia Eagles.

Since his retirement, Levens has been involved in two career pathways, acting and broadcasting. He broadcast games for Comcast, as writing for Sprint Exclusive Entertainment NFL Mobile Gamecenter, as well as break games down games for the sports website

He is also moving on a second career as a actor and he’s already appeared in two movies including playing the Xavier Coach in We are Marshall. Presently, he is appearing in the play Torn, in which he is executive Producer as well as one of the actors.

(In the play, he plays a villain, which he added, “Is fun to play the bad guy.”) The play deals with a collapsing marriage and shows that every action has consequence. As one of the writers noted that the play allows, “You to see the real life relevant issues and those arguments are normal things that couples face.”

When asked difference or similarity between acting and football, Dorsey Levens quipped, “Football is real,” but the similarity between two is both demand preparation.

Levens is preparing to take his play Torn on the road to Wisconsin but this is on the beginning for he plans to write another play and set up a company, Levens Communications to promote his acting career.

As for Green Bay, Levens noted, ” Green Bay is factory town and the product is football.” He stated that he loved Green Bay and he joked that the number one restaurant when he lived there was Red Lobster but added, ” Green Bay is totally unique for this is a small town and the Packer is a publicly owned team, these people love their Packers.”

Levens described something totally unique in all of professional sports, a small town whose identity is wrapped up in its football team. The Packers is Green Bay.

His biggest memory was winning Super Bowl XXXI as the Packers came all the way back from two decades of mediocrity to reach the heights previously reached in the Lombardi eras.

As for boxing, Levens is a fan as he told me, “Two of my favorite was Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, Jr. I would love to see Pacquaio fight Mayweather but who doesn’t.”

His involvement with Atlanta Corporate Fight Game derives from his love for boxing. But he observed that if “Your choices are down to a career in boxing or a career in football, make it easy on yourself, take football.”

Levens stated that football is easier and added, “I’ve only tried it in the ring a few times and I knew right away it was not a good place for me.” While some football players have tried boxing, Levens observed, “Some guys are really good at football and really tough guys, but boxing is one of those things that you have to be doing for a long, long time to be great.”

Levens have seen the top of the sporting world with a championship ring but now he is moving toward new goals by combining his faith and love for the arts. His play Torn is a play with a Christian theme and this belief explains why he has taken time to work with those less fortunate.

Levens have also gotten other former players interested in his acting including former Detroit Lions and present Atlanta talk show host, Ryan Stewart and former Bears Karon Riley.

For many athletes, the biggest challenge is their post career but Levens have begun his second career which may prove to be even more lasting.