Unsung Foot Soldiers

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 29, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — If they didn’t block, running back Chris Johnson couldn’t run for over 2,000 yards. If they don’t block, the Colts All-Pro quarterback Peyton Manning couldn’t throw those beautiful touchdown passes to tight end Dallas Clark without getting sacked.

But most NFL fans, don’t know who they are. They are known as the silent superstars. Because rarely, do they get interviewed. And their names never get printed in the newspapers.

Oddly, the only time they get any attention is when they are penaltized for holding or when they jump offsides. But to be truthful, they are the heart of the offense.

They are the protectors of the quarterback. The center of the attack. The guardians of the gridiron. The true Giants of the game. The men in the trenches. The dirty ditch diggers.

The Hogs. The Big-body boys. Football’s version of the soldiers on the frontline. They are the offensive lineman. Or in simpler terms the mighty O-line.

Here are a few of the biggest Offensive Linemen in the League.

Unfortunately, they still remain faceless. Height Weight Team

Dennis Roland 6’9 320 lbs. Bengals Jared Gaither 6’9 330 lbs. Ravens Langston Walker 6’8 360 lbs. Raiders Max Starks 6’8 345 lbs. Steelers Phil Loadholt 6’8 343 lbs. Vikings Bryant Mckinnie 6’8 335 lbs. Vikings Jeremy Trueblood 6’8 320 lbs. Buccaneers Marc Colombo 6’8 320 lbs. Cowboys Sebastian Vollmer 6’8 315 lbs. Panthers Stacey Andrews 6’7 340 lbs. Eagles Gosder Cherilus 6’7 325 lbs. Lions Flozell Adams 6’7 338 lbs. Steelers Andrew Whitworth 6’7 335 lbs. Bengals Robert Gallery 6’7 325 lbs. Raiders Ryan O’Callaghan 6’7 330 lbs. Chiefs Michael Ross 6’7 320 lbs. Titans Leonard Davis 6’6 355 lbs. Cowboys Tyson Clabo 6’6 331 lbs. Falcons Jeff Otah 6’6 330 lbs. Panthers