Straight No Chaser: Hard Workin’ Man

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: September 30, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Even Peyton Manning, the face of the league, America’s sports hero the dude you want your son to grow up to be like . . . has stepped out onto the field, stood in worker-ant solidarity with his NFL brothers .

. . .

Oh my God, why would he want to get his hands dirty down there in the mud with the “little folks.”

The looming NFL lockout and its resulting conflict is going to provide this nation not with merely a snapshot of exactly “how” arrogant and greedy the rich are . . . but rather streaming HD techni-color video with surround-a-sound of how they exemplify the adage “everyman for himself, I got mine . . . you get yours any damn way you have to.”

It’s no secret the top-tier in America, from the lowly “investor class” on up to the the haves, the have mores, to the have every damn thing there is folks – have been more then willing to ship breadwinner jobs overseas, recklessly export, in all reality what are the foundational tools of the “American Dream” – a good paying job.

This reckless search for ever escalating profits has culminated in faulty gas pipes, drugs, cars, planes, fertilizer, housing materials, a vast array of items imported from 3rd and 4th world nations which have primitive manufacturing standards . . . which are of course irrelevant to this nations fatcats. they appear to be indifferent to the fact they’re importing items which are sub-par and defective . . . as long as they are deepening their already deep pockets.

And why shouldn’t the NFL’s aristocratic ownership be any different from the rest of their elite extreme profit seeking peer group; from banks to hospitals, these cats seemingly abide by the same creed – “money is God, God is money.”

For most of us, this will be a symbolic “labor battle,” because granted I support and identify with the players, and I’ve little respect for the owner’s yearning to take a larger slice of the cake, I will not cross a picket line nor support scrubs, end of story.

However, I understand the players aren’t hotel or coal mine workers.

No they’re not all multi-millionaires, but if the average US worker-bee wage is about thirty-five or forty grand a year per-person, and, the belief is – if you make $75’000 a year you should be more then fat and happy . . . then these cat’s ought to have padded the mattress with dead presidents, they ought to be able to “make-it” through a work-stoppage.

I empathize but I don’t sympathize with their plight.

I feel for the “industry” which feeds off the NFL, from the hotels who house fans, to the cat selling peanuts n’ popcorn, parking cars and sweeping streets after the game ends and the crowds disperse.

Let’s note the AFL/CIO, the Fraternal Order of Firemen and Police Union have jumped-in backing the NFLPA, and they won’t be the last.

Now if we could just get the everyday run-of-the-mill, rank n’file “good ol’ boys” to do the same – stand in solidarity with the rest of us working class/2nd class Americans . . . the unwashed masses.

This country needs Peyton Manning’s identical demographical peer group – White cats, in their 30’s, college degree holding – and too being pimped n’ and exploited, also but two paychecks away from “on the street,” with family in tow . . . these “posers n’ pretenders” have got to see, must accept – they’re nothing more in the eyes of The WASP/GOP nobility then White “trailer park” trash.

Isn’t that the higher, common ground? Everyday working class White Americans, recognizing, confessing – they’ve something in common with . . .

everybody else – America’s citizen’s of color, the everyday people – instead of standing opposed-to and voting-against their own best interest!

Yeah, seat back n’ watch; we ‘re about to see a bloody riff; one of unheard proportions which will divide the US sports world; million dollar-a-year card carrying White athletes, Great White Hopes in-bed-with, aligned with – the greedy, lazy and despised Black Mandingo Gladiator.

“Franchise” Quarterbacks taking this calculated stand, pitting themselves against the “franchise,” against their lily-White aristocratic owners . . .

with frustrated ex-jock Yuppie sports writers as the so-called non-bias arbitrators of it all .


Its obvious the sports writers have a dog in the fight; they’re undeniably sympathetic to the NFL owners, and therefore in-different – if not outright hostile, bitter, non-sympathetic and envious towards labor, i.e. mostly Black players haling from this country’s underclass.

Least we ignore the former NFL coaches, management in all reality, once overseeing the human property – now behind microphones — are obviously mere mouth-pieces for the NFL’s millionaire owners.

They’re all over ESPN, FOX Sports and NFL TV – talking about how the fans “don’t want to hear about players million dollar contract woes” – thugs trying to “extort” millions from billionaire owners.

Translation; the press, fans and the NFL Plantation overseers just want these boys to “shut-up n’ play” . . . stop talking about what “should have been,” about how they should have held-off from stamping your “X” on that last contract which garnered millions for the franchise . . . and the few hundred thousand the player had to split with Uncle Sam.

NFL owners don’t pay taxes at the end of the day, remember that.

And I do mean his placing his mark,. his “X” on the dotted line.. . . the man doesn’t have too many other occupational skills but gladiator. And next month, when La Bartholomeus Jackson blows-out a knee . . . he can just hobble down to his brother-in-laws cleaners for his next paycheck . . . . Right?

Coaches – defending fat-cats, NFL owners, another segment of Wall Street with off-shore accounts, business headquarters relocated from Tulsa, Tupelo or Toledo to Tim-buk-tu . . . to avoid paying taxes, to avoid supporting any semblance of “We are Family,” “one,” “united.” No wait . . . to underscore the quaint notion . . . we’re “one nation, under god, indivisible . . . really?”


Please Mr. Former NFL Coach, who’s sitting on a few mill. . . .while most of us, who get up and go to work every god damn day – the fans – we well understand this nation is divided; 3, maybe 5, or we can even go with 7% of this nation – the “landlords” the haves, the have mores, the high n’ mighty elites, pitted against . . .

everybody else – the 90%, the landless worker ants – those who’ve spent the last quarter century living well, and livin’swell on . . . borrowed moo-lah.

Home equality line of credit. Diner’s Club, Cart Blanc, American Express – titanium plated, emerald encrusted my man. . . . yeah those days appear to be long gone.

Can you say . . . put it in the “Layaway.”

Welcome to the US of A, circa 1978, take-home wages have not really increased since The Mod Squad and Mannix, we were all living large via “Voo-Doo Economics” and Bill Clinton’s facilitating of the American breadwinner gig to the four corners of the globe.

Can you spell “NAFTA?”

No debate about it – the players are wealthy, but their aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews . . . they’re all but two, maybe three paychecks away from living in the 1992 Winnapago. .

. . we all know that.

The fans know it, the camera men know it, the field crew knows it, the concession folks know it, the parking lot guys know it, the millions upon millions of sportsfans who . . . dig this you out-of-touch aspiring to be filthy rich aristocrats – millions of fans who can’t afford to go to an NFL game know how tight and twisted these times are we a-living in.

That’s what makes Manning so unique; this cat grew up never wanting for anything I’d guess; Mr. n’ Mrs. Manning must have done something right. Despite writing a check to then presidential GOP candidate Ron Paul ??????

Peyton is willing to put his brand on the side of Worker solidarity . . . Rush and Glenn Beck will despise him for this act; even if Peyton’s merely trying to hang onto his own millions – he stood with the son’s of welders and plumbers . . . that’s a beautiful thing he did and I respect him for it.