Welcome To The Endzone: Imitation of Life

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: August 27, 2010

“Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.”

— Salvador Dali.

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — No player wants to be compared to another. But imitation is the highest form of flattery.

So, today in the “Endzone,” we compare a couple of upcoming sports stars with some players of the past and the present. You make the call…

Is Dallas rookie WR Dez Bryant the new Michael Irvin?

They both wear the number 88, play for the Cowboys, and are loved by owner Jerry Jones. The only difference between Bryant and Irvin, however, is Irvin has three Super Bowl rings and can rock a full length mink coat in 98 degree weather.

Is Charger QB Philip Rivers the new Brett Favre?

They both are gunslingers with a passion for the game of football. And they both are not afraid to throw in double coverage.

Is Steeler QB Dennis Dixon the new Kordell Stewart?

They both can throw the football but they love to scramble out of the pocket as well.

Is Laker Ron Artest the new Dennis Rodman?

They both have the hair, the defense, the craziness, a ring, and are loved by Laker fans. Rodman, however, is more Heavy Mental and Ron Artest is more Hip-Hop.

Is Patriot WR Julian Edelman the new Wes Walker?

These dudes look like clones. I can’t tell them apart. They must have been separated at birth.

Is Titan RB Chris Johnson the new Edgerrin James?

They both have gold teeth, dreadlocks, and play running back. The only difference is, Johnson is much, much faster than James.

Is Bengal rookie WR Jordan Shipley the new Chris Collinsworth?

They both are Caucasian with good hands. The only difference is, Shipley has to play with T.O and Ocho Cinco.

Is Eagle WR Deshawn Jackson the new Steve Smith?

They are both short, explosive, dynamic, and love to celebrate when they score a touchdown. But with a broken arm, can Steve Smith still teach me how to Dougie?