Surf’s Up for Antwoine!

By Michael Louis-Ingram, BASN Associate Editor
Updated: August 24, 2010

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (BASN) — The East Coast Surfing Championships descended on Virginia Beach Tuesday and young Antwoine Langley is set to debut in his first professional contest.

The ECSC, marking its 48th year in existence, seeks to move like the waves of the ocean; smoothly transitioning as many as a dozen different divisions for the over 100 competitors scheduled to compete.

Originally from Pawley’s Island, Langley is setting his sights on winning his first professional event on what would essentially be his home surf…

From the age of 12, Langley has been splashing; but his inspiration to gravitate to the water came from experiencing the hard knocks of life — so to speak. “I was really into skateboarding,” reveals Langley.

“And (laughing) falling on the concrete is no joke. But as I was becoming more intrigued by surfing the fact I was falling and landing on something softer than concrete wasn’t lost on me.

“I was a good swimmer, and when the surfing bug really got me, I worked harder to be a stronger swimmer and shifted all my energies to being in the water.”

While this will be his professional debut, Antwoine is no stranger to competitive surfing. He has been competing in the Eastern Surfing Association series since 2003, consistently placing in the top five in his division.

“Now that I have gotten serious about this, my goal is to work hard and realize the opportunity placed in front of me, “says Langley. Sponsored by Inkwell Surf, Langley has just one more dream yet unfulfilled.

“I would like to go on the American Surfing Professionals Dream tour. I am going to ECSC to do what I do better than anything else. I feel confident, and as long as I stay within myself, everything will work out well.

But I won’t lie – I am stoked and ready to get out there,” says Langley.

Inkwell Lifestyle CEO Rhonda Harper was ebullient in her praise of Langley.

“Our organization couldn’t have picked a better person to represent the sport of surfing. Every person that I have had the pleasure of speaking with is 100% behind Antwoine’s success — but the most impressive was his mother,” says Ms. Harper.

“If he respects the waves like he respects his mama, he will be a champion very soon.” The Western Atlantic Pro Surf Series is a surfing contest series that takes place annually along the eastern coast of the United States and the Caribbean.

The series utilizes long-time running, established events which are proven within the surfing contest industry to ensure success for all involved.

In giving these athletes a tour in which they can showcase their talent, the purpose and mission of the Western Atlantic Pro Surf Series is validated with the bridging of gaps between the top amateur levels and the ASP sanctioned World Qualifying Series and World Tour; as well as giving them the opportunity to earn money along the way.

The 2010 Series will include a minimum of 4 events on the East Coast of the US, and an event in Trinidad. The events at present consist of, but are not limited to, The Land Shark Pro in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, The East Coast Surfing Championships in Virginia Beach, the Belmar Pro in New Jersey, The Trinidad International Surf Festival in Trinidad & Tobago and the Jupiter Fall Classic in Jupiter Florida.

Other possible venues are being negotiated in New York, Outer Banks N.C., Jacksonville Beach, Florida and Barbados.