Ortiz-Harris lands on Pay-TV

By Francis Walker, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: August 30, 2010

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NEW YORK (BASN) — The upcoming fight between once-beaten prospect Victor Ortiz (27-2-1, 21 KOs) and veteran Vivian Harris (29-4-1, 19 KOs) will occur on the September 18, HBO Pay-Per-View event featuring Sugar Shane Mosley vs. Sergio Mora in the main event.

Ortiz-Harris is a perfect example of how boxing promoters such as Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions have found ways to keep their fighters busy without having to spend months waiting on an available TV date depending on the strict budget restraints placed on HBO, SHOWTIME, ESPN, and Telefutura.

Putting together a Pay-TV event such as “200: Celebrate and Dominate Mosley vs. Mora,” enables the promoter to take charge of putting together whatever match-ups he sees fit.

It’s more of a risk, but if the event generates a certain number of buys the fighter and the promoter would have generated more income, as opposed to fighting on network TV for an agreed-upon flat rate.

That would also mean fans will have to pay more to see more – $44.95 to see Ortiz vs. Harris, along with three other fights including Mosley’s first bout appearance since his lopsided decision loss to Floyd Mayweather in May.

“We are truly excited to be having two of the top Junior Welterweights fighting each other,” De La Hoya said during a recent conference call. “Vivian Harris against Victor Ortiz will be a classic match-up of great styles.”

“It will be a great fight; you have two warriors who will be fighting each other to see who can come out on top.” Make no mistake folks. The same way De La Hoya is promoting Ortiz-Harris, along with the return of Sugar Shane Mosley, he is banking on an Ortiz victory.

It is important for Ortiz to win impressively because, Ortiz, not Harris is one of the young studs in boxing. Ortiz was on the fast track toward winning a world title until he suffered a meltdown against Marco Rene Maidana in June 2009 in what was one of the best fights that year.

Both men exchanged knockdowns in the opening round before, as both men continued to brutally pummel each other through the duration of the contest. As Maidana displayed continued resistance, Ortiz began to lose control as Maidana drilled him to the mat in the sixth.

Suddenly, Ortiz informed the referee that he didn’t want to continue. Maidana, who captured the interim WBA jr. welterweight championship, was credited for making Ortiz “quit.”

“He is a very good fighter,” Harris said. “He just doesn’t believe in himself. He doesn’t have the courage.”

Of course Ortiz disagrees. “I kind of find that a little funny, but to each his own,” said Ortiz responded. “Everyone has their own opinion, but I’m comfortable with me and I know what I’m capable of doing.”

Although big things are still expected of Ortiz, as he has reeled off three consecutive victories including a unanimous 10-round decision win over Nate Campbell at Madison Square Garden in May, Harris has his doubts about Ortiz’ commitment to boxing.

It’s possible that if Ortiz beats Harris, the winner could move closer toward a bigger fight in a deep 140-pound division that includes: Maidana, Amir Khan, Timothy Bradley, Devon Alexander, Juan Urango, Andrei Kotelnik, and others.

“That definitely would be a good thing to look at, but as of right now I’m looking at just Vivian,” Ortiz said. “Vivian is a great fighter. He’s a world champion for a reason and I can’t look past him. He’s definitely dangerous.”

Tickets for “200: CELEBRATE AND DOMINATE” Mosley vs. Mora is priced at $200, $125, $75, and $20 and can be purchased at ticketmaster.com. HBO Pay-Per-View will distribute the event beginning at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

Licensed to fight: Margarito heads toward Pacquiao

Former WBA and WBO welterweight champion Antonio Margarito was granted a license to fight in Texas after California and Las Vegas denied his request.

Therefore, the much rumored Margarito vs. Manny Pacquiao fight will more than likely be headed toward Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Saturday, November 13.

A lot of people believe that Margarito shouldn’t be licensed to fight after illegal padding was miraculously discovered moments before he entered a fight with Sugar Shane Mosley in January 2009.

Margarito paid the price after the humiliating beating Mosley dished out. Plus, Margarito was also slapped with a one-year ban by the California State Athletic Commission and didn’t fight for about 1 ½ years.

Like it or not, Margarito returns to pay-per-view.

Pacquiao-Margarito obviously isn’t Mayweather-Pacquiao, but it is a fight that will garner lots of support. The fight will sell because everybody wants to see Pacquiao continue his onslaught of punishing opponents.

Also, Pacquiao-Margarito will be contested at 154 pounds for the vacant WBC super welterweight championship. Pacquiao, at 5-feet-7, has never fought anyone as big as the 5-foot-11 Margarito.

Style-wise, it is an intriguing fight and anytime Pacquiao steps inside the ring he always gives an explosive performance. The Mexican-born fighter has a straight-forward, in your face style and may provide Pacquiao with plenty of fits.

Pacquiao is a lead puncher and Margarito likes to lead as well. If he can deal with Manny’s speed, it could be a very surprising performance for Margarito. But if Manny is able to shoot the right-hand from various angles, punch in volume using blazing hand speed then Margarito has no shot.

Unlike the Clottey fight, someone is going to get knocked out.