Donald’s Roller Coaster

By Richard Kent, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: August 25, 2010

NEW HAVEN, Ct. (BASN) — The match started off well on Tuesday for Donald Young. The crowd was totally behind him. He was moving as well as anyone in the field.

The Chicago native, who’s having a good season (currently ranked 100th in the world), won the first set against Juan Ignecia Chela of Argentina at the Pilot Pen Tournament.

He broke when he had to and played solidly on the forehand and backhand sides. Young was even with Chela in the second set when the rains came and both players were consigned to their seats.

Young appeared to lose his patience when he took the court. He started to hit the ball out, miss easy shots and his serve deserted him. Even with the crowd screaming for him on almost every point, Young was broke late in the set and fell 6-4 causing him to throw his racquet.

Young was a shadow or himself in the third set, falling tamely 6-0.

In many ways, Tuesday’s match was a microcosm of his career. So much promise. So few results. Flashes of brilliance and then he loses it.

That happened towards the end of the second set and throughout the third set when Young virtually gave up. He only scored on 50% of his first serves and 49% of his second serves.

He also had difficulty after the first set with Chela’s serve.

Young will head to the U.S. Open next week with a wild card. He has gotten many plaudits this year, especially after winning a match at the Australian Open.

Rumor has it that Rafael Nadal offered Young a chance to train with him in Spain. Young apparently turned it down. Here’s hoping that was not the worst decision of his career.