Child, please!!

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: August 11, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — Damn, the “blackface buffoonery” is back again even with a Black man in the White House. It’s sad but true, because as a people, when we take five steps forward; we take six steps back.

I know the Rev. Al Sharpton and the NAACP buried the “N-word” but I remember hearing my Grandma yell out loud that “N**** on the corner ain’t changing.” after a NAACP meeting.

With that said, this year’s new Flavor Flav is Cincinnati Bengal WR Chad Ocho Cinco, who is the new black celebrity “shuckin’ and jivin'” on his new reality show the “Ultimate Catch” on VH-1.

Chad, unfortunately, like everybody else on television is looking for love in all the wrong places. And I can give you 85 reasons not to watch this stupid show, but as comedian Redd Foxx would say, “You have to see ’em before you can condemn ’em.”

Therefore, let me tell you what I saw.

On Chad’s first show, he started his search for love at the Rose Bowl with 85 women dressed in cut off football jerseys and tiny booty shorts performing as if they were cheerleaders jumping and gyrating in order to gain his love and attention.

As the ladies tried to “catch” Chad’s eye, he commanded them to perform some calisthenics, which required the young ladies to bend down and touch their toes.

As the women touched their toes, Johnson “pimped” behind them with a whistle and a clipboard in order to get a better look at their goodies. With a quick peak, Chad quickly yet politely started cutting and eliminating his potential lovers from left -to-right.

And just for the record, he cut as many Black women as possible.

Chad’s decision to eliminate so many sisters, however, would land him in the hot seat on another TV show later. But let’s get back to the show, before you stop reading this article.

Because now the remaining women in the starting line-up had to complete an obstacle course which required them to tip-toe through some tires, hug a tackling dummy with Chad’s face on it, catch a football and perform an end zone dance in order to prove their love.

After completing the obstacle course, Johnson selected his final female finalists in which he quickly rushed them all to a big mansion with a pool table, swimming pool, and plenty of alcohol.

As the women ran into the mansion searching and fighting for a bed to sleep on, OchoCinco cheaply placed them in a NCAA-type bracket as if it was March Madness, where each week he would eliminate one-of them until there was one winner.

Not surprisingly, 17 of the 14 women selected by Chad were not Black. (Which maybe a good thing considering the nature of the show.)

Despite the obvious exploitation of women on the Ultimate Catch regardless the color of the participants, TV talk show host and radio personality Wendy Williams grilled Johnson on her show as he squirmed and twitched on her couch for his obvious distaste for Black women.

“Love is love. But as a Black woman when I watched a sneak peak of your show….I was gagging. 17 girls were picked by Chad to move into his mansion to get the dating under way,” Williams explained to her audience.

“They picked the first 14 girls. They were all white or Hispanic. The last three were Black…I was insulted and offended,” she said with a little attitude. “The Black girls were picked at the end, as if they were throwaways…like here you go,”

With Williams’ sharp-tongued statement, Ocho Cinco with an embarrassed look on his face defended his decision to select only three Black women.

“It’s a funny issue that people will question what I like…,”said Johnson, who is a 32 years old father with four children by three different women, who are all Black by the way.

“For one, I have a preference. Everybody has a preference. I love everybody,” confessed Johnson. “Before this show came out, if you supported me, I hope you continue to support me not based on who I picked.

“I don’t care if I had a bunch of Skittles lined up there. I want you to support who I am……I am here to entertain ya’ll”

Child, please!! Sorry, Ocho Cinco, I am not supporting your show.

So go home, and “kiss your babies.”

Because if you continue this type of behavior, you could “ultimately catch” a venereal disease. (No disrespect to the ladies on the show.)

Now, let’s get ready for some football.