Troubling images from Bristol

By Hilda Munoz
Updated: July 24, 2010

Jeremy Green

Jeremy Green

NEW BRITAIN — During a two-hour online chat last month, Jeremy Green shared sexually explicit photos and videos of a toddler with a woman named “lendingmom12” and said he couldn’t wait for her to bring her three children to Connecticut, according to an arrest affidavit released Friday morning.

Unbeknownst to Green, who hid behind the screen name “jjack0721,” the woman he’d been chatting with was a detective working undercover with the Taney County Missouri Sheriff’s Department in Forsythe, Mo.

Their online conversation led to Green’s arrest July 8 at a motel in Southington.

Green is charged with first-degree possession of child pornography, possession of narcotics and use of drug paraphernalia. He is on suicide watch at Garner Correctional Institution where he is being held on $750,000 bail.

His public defender, Claud Chong, said this week that he will attempt to have the bond lowered during Green’s next court appearance Aug. 31 at Superior Court in New Britain.

Green had sent the undercover detective 17 pictures of a toddler, two videos of a toddler and one video of an 8-year-old girl, the warrant states. The detective immediately began searching for the identity of “jjack0721.”

On July 2, the detective called Bristol police, told them about the pictures and videos and gave them an address on Redstone Street in Bristol.

Bristol detectives took over the investigation and went to the address with a search warrant. They learned that Jeremy Green had moved out of the home on Redstone Street on July 1 and was staying at a Holiday Inn Express in Southington.

The detectives also traced Internet activity for “jjack0721” to the Southington motel, the warrant says.

Green was with his girlfriend in the motel room when detectives entered July 8. They found two computers, cocaine and flash drives. Detectives seized Green’s personal computer, a computer belonging to his employer, ESPN, the cocaine and the flash drives, the warrant states.

Bristol detectives examined the contents of one of the flash drives and found more than 100 pornographic images. A sampling of those images showed girls between the ages of 2 and 10, according to the arrest warrant.

Green was a contributing writer for, where he answered NFL questions from web readers, according to the website. ESPN reported on its website that Green is no longer employed by the company.