Rodriguez wins in the ring and gets robbed outside

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: July 31, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Delvin Rodriguez is a consummate professional, who has been close to winning a championship only to lose it on a scorecard.

This past Friday evening was no difference. In the first round, Rodriguez’s jab dominated the action as his opponent Ashley Theophane looked confuse.

Throughout the first six rounds, Theophane had troubled moving inside of Rodriguez jab and Rodriguez used his jab to set up other punches.

Theophane found himself on the outside of the Rodriguez jab and simply lost rounds after rounds or it appeared to the naked eye.

The seventh round was a close round in which Theophane found a target for his winging right hand. Over the first six rounds, he moved side to side but in the seventh round, he made subtle changes to his movement as he gave Rodriguez angles and this allowed him to connect with solid shots.

Over the last minute, Rodriguez had his best punch of the round with a solid right.

The eighth round was Theophane’s best at this point in the fight as he finally outhustled Rodriguez. His jab disappeared and he simply moved forward to attack only to be nailed by Theophane’s counters.

Rodriguez rediscovered his jab in the ninth round and the jab allowed him to unleash other punches to follow up his jab. Right hands hit the body and head and left hooks slowed Theophane down.

Rodriguez looked like he had the fight in the hand but when he came out for the 10th round, it was as if he ran out of gas. He looked sluggish and dehydrated on a hot muggy Oklahoma night.

Theophane nailed Rodriguez with solid rights and Rodriguez shook with every shot connected.

The fight ended with both fighters on their feet but Rodriguez threw more punches, connected on more jabs, more power shots and overall punches but two of the judges gave Theophane six rounds and the other had it a draw.

The most one could have given Theophane was three rounds, which is what ESPN’s Teddy Atlas gave him. (I gave him only two, but I differ with Ted on the seventh round.)

Rodriguez was robbed and what makes this a frustrating sport to watch or cover is to see a good fighter gave his all and dominate a fight with his skills only to lose it on the judges’ score cards.

This fight was not lost in the ring but outside the ring on severe miscalculation by all three judges.


The Dan George-Francisco Sierra fight was an all out slug fest with the undefeated prospect George receiving a lesson and having his shortcomings highlighted.

He started the first round with aggressive styles that marked his career but with minute left in the round, Sierra nailed George with a right hand that wobbled the Chicago fighter.

George survived the round and he came out aggressive but his attack proved ineffectual. He rarely jabbed his way in and he was simply vulnerable to Sierra solid jabs and sharp rights.

Halfway through the round, Sierra caught George with another right hand and he stumbled across the ring and only the rope held him upright.

Sierra attacked but once again he could not finish George off as his nose bled from the solid rights that kept hitting his face.

In the third thru the fifth round, Sierra used his jab to control the real estate between him and on charging George while unleashing straight rights that often spun his head.

George’s nose and eyes swelled from the beating he was receiving but he showed the courage of an undefeated fighter but not the skills.

A Sierra left uppercut nearly ended the fight in the sixth and in the seventh round, a Sierra right sent George down. The last seconds provided the controversial part of the fight.

Sierra nailed George with a left jab and as he wound up his right hand, the bell rang. The right continued and George went down like a sack of potatoes. The question that many in the audience wondered, would Sierra be disqualified?

The referee decided to deduct two points form Sierra but did not disqualify him. The fight went to score card but the evidence who won was written on George’s face.

George lost the fight and his weakness was exhibited. He had one strategy, move forward but he rarely used angles or moved his head plus he never jabbed his way in.

The beating he received was the kind that could ruin a young fighter.

For George, he has to re-examine his style or his career as a fighter will be short lived. Sierra fought his second fight in America and won this fight because he out boxed and out smarted his opponent.

Hey, at least the judges got this fight right.