Jackson ready if Favre is a no-show

By Sid Hartman
Updated: July 29, 2010

MANKATO, Minn. — Tarvaris Jackson said he is prepared to lead the Vikings to another winning season if Brett Favre decides to retire from football.

“I’m ready,” said Jackson, who has started 19 games at quarterback in four seasons with the Vikings. He was working out Wednesday at the University of Minnesota with a group of NFL players at a camp led by Arizona’s Larry Fitzgerald Jr., preparing for the start of Vikings training camp on Friday.

Jackson played eight games last season in relief of Favre, who won’t report to Mankato on Thursday because he has not healed yet from ankle surgery. Jackson said he learned a lot from watching the future Hall of Famer.

“Just how to prepare for the game, the work you put in during the week to try to make the game as easy as possible, the little stuff he did to try to win the game, just do things to move the sticks,” Jackson said.

“Just watching him I got some things that probably subconsciously I’ve learned; I’ll probably do it and not even know it.”

Jackson said the two have texted during the offseason.

Jackson is ready to be the full-time starter, so how tough will it be when Favre returns, as expected, in a couple of weeks?

“I’ve been through this situation a couple of times already, so it’s to a point now where I don’t want to say I’m used to it, but it’s a situation I’m kind of familiar with,” Jackson said.

“You just know that’s how it’s going to play out. But it’s my job to just be ready for anything and be prepared to play regardless of the situation, that’s all I can do.”

Favre has made 285 consecutive starts (309 including playoff games), but he ended last season hobbled by injuries and might not make it through a full season in which he turns 41.

“I don’t wish any harm on anybody,” said Jackson. “But if it’s God’s will for me to play here, then that’s how it’s going to be. But right now I’m just preparing for anything and whatever, however it falls, I’m ready for it.

“We’ve got a championship-type team, so regardless of our individual things that I have going on, I’m a team player, so whatever is best for the team.”

Jackson was impressive, throwing some great passes Wednesday while working out with Fitzgerald, who is the best receiver in the NFL.