‘Nappy Roots Surf Camp’ Gets A Boost

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: May 28, 2010

SANTA CLARA, Ca. — When a call from Inkwell Youth Association (formerly Inkwell Surf & Sk8 Club) was sent out for sponsors, Lotus Moon answered.

Lotus Moon signed on to be a sponsor for the 2010 “Nappy Roots Surf Camp”, a day of surf instruction and fun for girls.

The Nappy Roots Surf Camp is an all day surf event. The event will take place August 21, 2010 at Inkwell Bea in Santa Monica, CA.

The all girl surf camp is part of the Inkwell Youth Association’s “Giving Back To The Community Day” it is also free to all in attendance.

The girls will have a fun day in the sun with activities including surf lessons, ocean safety, swimming, beach games and more. With the help of Lotus Moon, Inkwell Youth Association hopes to inspire each girl to “live their dreams and that is “ok” to get your hair wet.”

Guest to include: pro-surfer Imani Wilmot, former pro-swimmer/lifeguard Ingrid Walters, actress Tanna Frederick, Surf Noir’s Suyen Mosley and more.

Lotus Moon’s new sunscreen “SolReflect” will be given to each participant of the camp.

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NOTE: For more information contact: Rhonda R. Harper (408) 642.1938 or rhonda.rochelle@inkwellsurf.