One More Look Back

By Richard Kent, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: April 17, 2010

CONNECTICUT (BASN) — Women’s college basketball is now over and we witnessed one of the worst National Championship games in history.

It’s really no one’s fault. UConn came out flat in the first half and only scored 12 points which is their lowest output in the history of their program.

Coach Geno Auriemma did not go into the locker room at the half and scream at his players but recognized the moment. He certainly would have taken a different tact during a midseason game against the likes of a St. John’s.

By all counts, he very calmly explained to his team that there was little movement on offense and despite the fact that their defense was more than adequate, holding Stanford to only 20 points they needed to score.

They took his words to heart and they went out on a 17-2 run in the second half to basically put the game away.

Make no mistake about it, this is a great UConn team and a UConn team that may break the all-time consecutive wins record set by the UCLA men in the 1960’s of 88 games.

UConn will have some road blocks next year as in the process of breaking a streak they will have to beat Baylor at home, Stanford on the road and Duke at home.

Is this the greatest UConn team ever?


Coach Auriemma himself has said that his teams from 2000-02, without injuries were probably 15 points better than this team. This team did have Maya Moore and Tina Charles.

They were the two best players in the country by far.

Next year’s team will rely on Moore much like Auriemma’s last National Championship team relied on Diana Taurasi. Both Moore and Taurasi are two of the top five players ever to play women’s college basketball.

Hopefully next season will be more interesting than this season on the national level. Duke, Baylor, Xavier, Stanford, Tennessee and UConn will all be very strong and all capable of winning a National Championship.

Many of them will play against each other, especially early in the season highlighted by Baylor at UConn at the Hartford Civic Center in November.

Two ingredients that none of those other teams have that UConn does possess is Auriemma and Moore. Those two ingredients will be difficult to overcome.