Following His Granddad’s Legacy

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: April 21, 2010


PETERSBURG, Fla. — Minor League Baseball has hired Jesse Simms as a Special Assistant to President Pat O’Conner.

In his role, Simms, the son of Sharon Robinson and grandson of Jackie & Rachel Robinson, will be responsible for developing community outreach initiatives and educational programs to complement Minor League Baseball’s Diversity Initiative.

He will also become part of O’Conner’s HBCU Speakers’ Series and advise and counsel him on diversity issues and advance of Minor League Baseball’s Diversity Initiative.

Prior to joining MiLB, Simms directed a culinary arts program for students in New Jersey and Rhode Island that resulted in increased enrollment, internships, jobs and life skills instruction.

He has also been a motivational speaker, making numerous appearances in front of school children and afterschool programs.