New York’s $3 Million Man

By Jerald L. Hoover, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: March 30, 2010

NEW YORK (BASN) — It now seems as if Knicks GM Donnie Walsh may have been able to hush or at the very least contain the critics when it comes to the future at point guard.

No, Knick rookie Toney Douglas isn’t the second coming of Mark Jackson — he’s not nearly the passer he was at this stage. But, Jackson wasn’t nearly the defensive player nor was he ever as fast.

All things considered, Douglas will not be in the running for Rookie of the Year as Jackson was. The St. John’s product won the award in 1987 when he juiced up the career of Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing.

Douglas will not even make any of the post season All-Rookie teams. Partly because Knick head coach Mike D’Antoni elected not to play him even when the team was buckling south at the seams.

Whether or not Douglas has enough junk in his trunk to steer LeBron New York’s way remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure he has a heart like a lion and a game to back it up.

One particular home game against the Denver Nuggets, Douglas was having a tough first half against the ever so clever and super savvy Chauncey Billips.

Billips took Douglas to school by bus, walking and by car. But, one thing Billips did was he gave Douglas a tip on what he should do in a certain situation.

Billips told Douglas who had just lost the previous home game the Houston Rockets late in the 4th quarter because of excessive charging calls levied against him.

Billips told Douglas during the same, “hey, instead of going straight to the basket just pull up and shoot the jumper.”

Interesting enough when the Knicks needed a bucket late in the game it was Douglas’s pull up jumper that beat the Nuggets.

After the game, “Billips’ assessment of the situation, “I’m a good teacher.”