Mission Accomplished….. For Now!

By Francis Walker, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: March 30, 2010

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NEW YORK (BASN) — Travis Peterkin isn’t your typical 19-year-old.

Unlike the rest of his peers who are preparing for life after high school by being a full-time college student, Travis Peterkin is also training to become a professional fighter.

Having been trained by his father Bernard ever since he was age 8, Travis Peterkin, an amateur boxing prospect from Brownsville, Brooklyn, N.Y., is well on his way toward achieving his lifelong dream of boxing professionally.

The date of Thursday, March 25, 2010 will forever be impressed into the heart and soul of both Travis and Bernard Peterkin. That was the night young Travis became the 2010 New York City Golden Gloves champion in the 165-pound open division.

Travis Peterkin (Kingsway Boxing Club) defeated Vincenzo D’Angelo (Competitive Edge) following a decisive 5-0 decision after three rounds in front of his supporters at the famed Theater of Madison Square Garden in New York City.

“When you win the Golden Gloves it’s like nothing else you’ve felt in your entire life,” said Travis Peterkin moments after his well-deserved victory. “I landed the harder shots.”

That was clearly the case. The 6-foot-2, 165-pound Peterkin looked as through he was a 175-pound, light-heavyweight compared to the 5′-foot-9 D’Angelo. The bout was competitive, as Travis simply couldn’t steamroll over D’Angelo.

The young Peterkin was forced to pick his shots behind his southpaw right-jab. Peterkin was the busier and more active of the two fighters. Though there was some holding on the inside, Travis Peterkin did land the cleaner and harder punches to the satisfaction of the judges.

“D’Angelo was tentative,” Peterkin said after clinching his first NYC Golden Gloves championship. “He didn’t want to come forward. I’m stronger than I look. Having speed helped a lot too. I wasn’t holding. I moved my hands quick and I didn’t get tired.

The road toward the Golden Gloves finals meant more than putting on a show for family and friends on perhaps the most famous stage in sports history. Travis Peterkin’s epic win in his 101st bout as an amateur boxer solidified his quest of winning the most famous amateur boxing tournament outside of the Olympic Games.

To make the taste of victory even sweeter, Travis was destined to “win it all” in his hometown, as he told his dad and lifelong trainer Bernard “we got ’em” once the fight had ended.

The victory meant just as much to Bernard as it did his son for many different reasons. Travis’ victory in the 2010 Golden Gloves finals more than likely signaled the end of the brewing conflict between The Peterkins and USA Boxing Metro.

“I cried before the bout and I cried after the bout,” Bernard said immediately after the fight. “I want to have peace and love with everybody on this earth. That’s what this victory means to me.”

The road toward winning the New York City Golden Gloves tournament was a symbol of the culmination of work that both Travis and Bernard put into training daily at the famed Kingsway Boxing Club in New York City.

“My pop is high-strung and high spirited,” Travis added. “That’s what you need sometimes.”

Travis’ landmark Golden Gloves title-win was a fitting tribute to the memory of Michael Olajide, who died two days before Peterkin’s triumphant victory. Olajide owned the Kingsway Boxing Gym that Travis has been training at for the last five years.

When Olajide opened Kingsway Boxing, it served as a place where people trained to learn how to box and keep their body fit. Kingsway meant more than that to the Peterkins. Kingsway Boxing Club is a place where Bernard could teach Travis the art of fighting intelligently with fierce intent.

Travis Peterkin is a former Junior Olympic Golden Gloves champion in the under 19 weight division. He has sparred with several professional boxers including Yusaf Mack, Jesus Soto-Karass, knocked Andy Lee down in training, and busted the nose of Archak TerMeliksetian while sparring at Kingsway.

In 2009, Travis won the Washington, D.C. regional Golden Gloves championship tournament and competed in two national amateur boxing tournaments at 165 pounds.

In one tournament, Travis lost what appeared to be a disputed decision against the highly touted Luis Arias, one of the top 165-pounders in the country. Travis twice dropped Arias with body shots during the fight, but the only one of the knockdowns was scored.

The other was ruled a “slip.”

Travis ended-up losing a close and somewhat controversial 3-2 decision after being docked a point for holding.

Since then, Travis, since returning to the New York amateur boxing circuit after competing in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. throughout 2007 2008 and 2009, won the NYC Metropolitan amateur boxing championship at 165 pounds in December.

Overall, Travis Peterkin’s amateur record stands at 88-13.

There is still a lot of work young Peterkin has to do in order to mature into a complete fighter, but he’s on his way.

Travis Peterkin is on his way.