Let The Debate Begin

By Richard Kent, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: March 16, 2010

CONNECTICUT (BASN) — There is very little interest in women’s college basketball this year, largely due to the fact that UConn is so much stronger than every other team in the game.

The only possible exception is Stanford and they have already lost to UConn this season. The Selection Committee did some curious things with respect to putting together the 2010 field.

First, there was the snub of USC. Quite strange to say the least.

Next, there was the trickery which was played. How about Rutgers having to open in California against Vivian Stringer’s old squad Iowa?

Or UConn perhaps facing Temple and former assistant Tonya Cardoza in the second round and then Virginia coached by Debbie Ryan, Auriemma’s old boss in the third round.

Xavier, one of the best teams in the country was given a three seed instead of the two seed which it deserved and would have to beat both Texas A&M and Stanford to reach the Final Four.

Not fair.

Also, Tennessee should clearly have been the third No. 1 seed instead of the fourth No. 1 one seed. As it presently stands, UConn would have to beat Tennessee and Stanford to win a National Championship.

In reality, the foes should be either Notre Dame or Nebraska and then Stanford to win a second consecutive National Championship.

These are just a few of the more curious questions presented to us by the Selection Committee.

In discussing the women’s field, one also can’t ignore the fact that on Monday when the field was announced on ESPN, Iowa Athletic Director Gary Barta decided to fire Todd Lickliter as the men’s basketball coach.

This took much deserving attention away from Iowa’s entry into the Tournament and also took some luster off of Iowa’s senior associate AD Jane Meyer and was also the Chair of the NCAA Women’s Selection Committee.

Wouldn’t it have been easier for Barta to wait until the end of the week?

Sure it would have.

Look for Connecticut, Tennessee, Stanford and Notre Dame to make it to the Final Four with Connecticut beating Stanford once again for the National Championship in April.