TV Gets A Little More Reality

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: February 14, 2010

“I’m Michael Vick; my fall from grace was tragic. But it was all my fault.

And I’m on a mission to get it all back. Not the money and fame but to restore my family’s good name.”

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — I must admit; it’s a hit.

After several years of bad programming, the executives at BET finally got it right because over 2.8 million people watched “The Michael Vick Project” which premiered on Tuesday, February 2nd.

“The Michael Vick Project” is a 10-part reality series airing every Tuesday on BET that tracks Vick’s NFL comeback and examines his legal problems and life in Newport News, Va.

During the first episode, Vick revealed his love for dog fighting which he said started at an early age and eventually grew into a 62 dog-fighting illegal enterprise.

For most of the show, Vick, who dressed conservatively in a plain dress shirt talked as if he was having a one-on-one conversation with the viewing audience rather than being interviewed by a reporter.

This method of reporting made his words seem more intimate and personal.

Despite this effort, Vick sounded almost robotic as if he was reading cue cards as he spoke in a slow monotone voice while showing very little emotion as he gave the play-by-play to his life, downfall, and plea for forgiveness.

Exclusive interviews with his wife, mother, and younger brother Marcus makes “The Michael Vick Project” worth watching especially when you see the softer side of Vick when he is with his children.

This reality show is definitely a PR effort to win back some of Vick’s former fans, but most of his true fans have already forgiven Michael and are ready for him to get back under center as a starting quarterback for a new NFL franchise if the Philadelphia Eagles trade him.

So for the first time in ages, I am encouraging you to tune into BET every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. Eastern for “The Michael Vick Project”.

Reality TV just became real.