Straight No Chaser: Simply Perfect

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: December 30, 2009
DENVER (BASN) — I want to first of all thank Peyton Manning’s momma and daddy, because if it weren’t for them, this man might have questioned, maybe even defied his Black head coach, and if he had . . . it would have, in a sense . . . been “on,” like burning popcorn.
Ponder this one: had Manning not supported Coach Caldwell’s audacious decision to pull his starters against the Big Apple’s P-51 Mustangs, had he questioned, even rejected Caldwell’s move, Peyton’s Place would forever have been known as the instance in which the racial cold war heated up a notch.
Had Manning pulled a Favre, and simply taken matters into his own hands, attempted to defy Caldwell’s orders, refuse to leave the field or return to the field against Caldwell’s direction, and of course Caldwell would have had to “put Peyton in his proper place”, which would have infuriated scores of writers and fans . . .
But no, Peyton said all the right things, it’s as if, being a southerner gentleman, he well understood what was actually at play when he took the podium, he knew what was truly at stake; would he, gridiron royalty, respect his slightly credentialed Negro generals’ orders – or, would he, hopefully in the eyes of millions . . . undermine, subvert his head coaches’s controversial but nonetheless shameless decision to retreat, to live to fight another Sunday . . . when it matters.
Manning, like the on field surgeon that he is, took the high road, even it felt to me, strategically, tactically employing words which he knew would have Rush Limbaugh and the ranks of Redneck NFL fans rolling their eyes in dismay and disgust at Manning’s . . . respect for his Black/Nigger head coach.
Rush is on Vacation, I can’t wait to hear is opine of the Caldwell’s decision, because I know he speaks for . . . millions., tens of millions . . . how an horrific thought is that . . . ?

These inflamed Rightees wanted Peyton to pull a Joe Wilson, and defame and insult Caldwell in the way in which the South Carolina Congressman (surprise) heckled President Obama in the Hallowed halls of Congress.

I took a swipe at Manning for writing checks to GOP Gov. Hucklebee during the last Presidential horse race, I can’t say I’m wrong for wondering why, wondering how such a bright guy could be a member of the Angry White Guy’s fraternity, but I must accept being wrong about ones politics does not make one not an decent guy, a class act, an Officer and a Gentlemen.
It’d be simple-minded to think there’s not those good ole boys across the land who’re solely disappointed, let down, because manning didn’t pitch a bitch and pit Black sports fan against White sports fan – the tension in the sports-bar is already so thick you can’t cut it with a Kansas City razor.
In all honesty and sincerity, thank you Peyton Manning for demonstrating something rarely seen in this country; loyalty, allegiance, cooperation . . . subordination by a White man – to a Black man.
An act almost unheard of in our so-called color blind society. . . .