Straight No Chaser: Rush’s Last Hour???

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: December 31, 2009
DENVER (BASN) — I think we’re all taught, from an early age – it’s wrong to wish death upon anyone . . . .but their is a greater good.
I guess my Black ass must be wrong . . . but when I heard Rush Limbaugh was in the Honolulu Hospital, due to chest pains . . . my heart skipped a beat . . . and I said a little prayer to the gods; “Please, please, please let this be . . . his time.”
If this man, who’s working diligently to divide this country deeper along the lines of color, class and gender dies, I can’t help but believe the pole he’s ramming-up the behinds of people of color, women, working-class folks of all stripes’ n’ shades will pull-out . . . just a smidgen.

The weight, the pressure his red-neck thumb presses down upon American society will lessen to some extent, some degree . . . and that’s a good thing.

If Rush is called home to “his” heaven, because you can only assume Rush’s concept of heaven is void of Blacks, Latinos, liberal Whites, uppity arrogant White Women -Hillary’s Bitches . . .

then with him goes, with him dies a living mechanism which has the unique ability to motivate and mobilize angry White folks from all walks of life to . . . attempt to return this nation to circa 1952, when us little people were seldom seen, and hardly ever heard, tucked away on the Dakota Reservations, Colorado Interment Camps, Alabama housing projects and Barreos on the other side of the tracks.

Ahhhh! The good ole days.
Seriously, Limbaugh’s everlasting happy place will look not a damn thing like the U.N., but instead like the Ole Miss’ stadium crowd, singing “Dixie,” chanting “the South will rise” . . . .

But if Rush dies, naturally, from a combo of the weight, the oxy, the caffeine n’ coke, the anger in his belly . . . and it’s not because Bobby Seale couldn’t take it no longer, pulled out the Luger he kept on his side while heading up the Black Panther Party with Huey P. , you know . . . H. Rap. , Angela Davis and Stockley Carmichael . . . my ol’ man . . . and popped Rush golfing on the links one morning

If this diabolical living deity dies, everything from the Department of Education, to the NFL are safer. Poor white kids in Iowa and middle class Mexican kids in Memphis . . . safer without his negative influence upon politicians to stripe government of its humanity and decency.

The Middle East, the Florida Everglades, the oceans and seas, all gods creatures will fare better if this racist, sexist and elitist high n’ all-so-mighty blowhard . . . can’t blow no mo’?

So, should we all be placed in harms way, so Rush and his minions can prosper, feel comfortable and at ease because we’re all back in that mental and physical cage angry White folks have constructed over the centuries?
I say not, ney, it is better this Sum bitch croaks.
Look, I shed no tears when Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms nor Ronald “666” Ray – Gun died, truthfully, I ended about a decade long run as one of the few voices of color on the Rocky Mountain radio airwaves when Philip Anshultz, media/communication mogul pulled-the-plug on the station I was a token voice at – when I acknowledge . . .

We’re all taught, from an early age – it’s wrong to wish death upon anyone . . . but recognizing the damage Reagan waged against the middle class, the Iran/Iraq – Contra-Compton- Crack-Gate – where Ollie North and the Conservative Gestapo pumped crack and Uzi’s into ghettos across the country .

I told the truth about Reagan or at least how millions of American’s regarded him … and I was silenced for it.

Yeah, we’re all taught, from an early age – it’s wrong to wish death upon anyone, so I’m wrong about Rush, but nonetheless . . . right as hell, because there is a greater good.