A Bowling We Will Go

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: December 31, 2009
NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — Is it me, or is there entirely too many Bowl games? Do you remember, when there was only the Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and the Cotton Bowl!

But now there are 34 Bowl games being covered on television.

Isn’t this evidence that college needs a playoff system? For instance, there is a Little Caesars Pizza Bowl featured (6-6) Marshall against (9-4) Ohio and the Papa John’s.com Bowl between (7-5) UConn vs (7-5) South Carolina.

If you don’t want a slice of pizza after watching those games, there are the Chick-fil-A Bowl and Outback Steak House Bowl to crave your hunger.
But if you are looking for a bank to pay for that food, you can watch the Capital One Bowl featuring LSU (9-3) vs Penn State (10-2) or the Eagle-Bank Bowl between UCLA (6-6) vs (9-3) Temple.
Of course, you must have a car in order to get to the bank. As a result, you can watch the Meineke Car Care Bowl between North Carolina (8-4) vs Pittsburgh (9-3) and the GMAC Bowl which featured (11-2) Central Michigan versus (9-3) Troy because you know, you can’t drive without insurance.
I know, all of these bowl games may seem foreign to most of us. But oddly enough, there are even more bowl games to watch. Matter of fact, there are two teams not from Hawaii (7-5) SMU and (8-4) Nevada who played in Honolulu for the prestige Hawaii Bowl trophy.
This seems to be the trend to place two teams not from that state in a Bowl game named after that state. That makes sense, right?
For example:
The New Mexico Bowl featured Wyoming (7-6) vs Fresno State (8-5)
The New Orleans Bowl featured Middle Tennessee (1-3) vs Southern Miss. (7-6)
The Las Vegas Bowl featured Brigham Young vs Oregon State
The Texas Bowl featured Missouri (8-4) vs Navy (9-4). At least the St. Petersburg Bowl got in right, when they placed Rutgers against Central Florida.
Along with these silly bowl games, there are several other insufficient bowl games like the Independence Bowl, the Emerald Bowl, the Humanitarian Bowl, the Insight Bowl, the Liberty Bowl, the Alamo Bowl or the International Bowl, which of course features (7-5)South Florida against (7-5) Northern Illinois. No, that’s an international contest.
If you are saying to yourself, I need to take a Holiday from all of this football, you can watch the Holiday Bowl featuring (8-4) Arizona versus (9-4) Nebraska.
Or maybe just relax, and enjoy the Sun Bowl, or the Music City Bowl in Nashville.
But if you really want to have a party, just watch these two undefeated teams battle it out in the Fiesta Bowl which features (13-0) Boise State vs (12-0) TCU.
Because there is only one game that really matters and it takes place on January 7th in Pasadena California between (13-0) Alabama against 13-0) Texas.
Winner takes all!!