Fedor, The Superstar

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: November 8, 2009

IOWA CITY (BASN) — CBS had a live broadcast between Fedor Emelianenko and the undefeated Brett Rogers in one of the more anticipated heavyweight bouts in the Mixed Martial Arts.

Fedor was the favorite but in the MMA, anything can happen.

In the first heavyweight fight, Antonio “The Big Foot” Silva challenged Fabricio Werdum, with the winner owning a potential heavyweight title shot at the winner of Emalianenko and Rogers down the road.

Silva hurt Werdum and tried to take advantage of his strength as Werdum used his kicks as jab to keep Silva off balanced.

Despite his own expertise at ground work, Silva decided to keep this fight in the center of the ring throughout the first fight.

Both fighters exchanged blows as both nailed each other with shots but Silva extra training as Thailand boxing techniques gave him in the advantage in the combination firefights.

In the second round, Werdum grappled Silva and used his skill of mat work but this lasted but a few second as Silva managed to escape Werdum’s moves while using his weight to drive Werdum around.

With a minute left, Werdum got Silva on the ground and once again had the advantage but once again, Silva’s strength allowed him to escape.

In the final round, Werdum used a right hand to allow him get Silva down; Silva managed to escape Werdum holds and countered with a double right hand.

With a minute left, Werdum took advantage of a tired Silva down the stretch and this time, he held most of the card as he went for the submission. He dominated the last minute as Silva could not escape but Werdum could not complete the submission as the fight went the distance.

Werdum was rewarded a close decision as his submission and take down over the last minute ensured him the bout.

Jake Shields went after the Strikeforce Middleweight champion Jason”Mayhem” Miller and Shields used all of his wrestling skills to force this bout to the canvas.

For 25 minutes, this battle was fought on the ground and most of the fans were bored by constant grappling.

What kept fans in their seat was Fedor’s prime time appearance.

The Russian had won 31 fights against one loss over a distinguish career that is considered legendary.

For most MMA’s fans, this was their first chance to see a legend.

The main event produced action from the opening seconds.

In the opening minutes, Rogers bloodied Fedor’s nose and appeared to have the Russian in trouble but Fedor countered with a brilliant right that sent Rogers stumbling toward the cage.

Fedor jumped on the Minnesota martial artist and dominated the floor action but Rogers showed guts and guile to survive the grappling.

He even managed to hurt Fedor near the end of the round after reversing position from being on the ground to moving quickly on top.

Once on top, he unleashed a series of punches on the Russian, who played defense. Fedor held the advantage in the first round but Rogers showed he belonged.

Fedor started the second round with strikes but Roger blocked most of the punches. Then Fedor showed why he is a living legend.

Rogers sent out a left jab feeler but he missed his target and with the flash of eye, a right hand nailed Rogers and sent him down for good.

As Fedor jumped on his defeated opponent on the ground, the referee stepped in.

This fight showed one reason why MMA is becoming more popular. If Shields-Miller put fans to sleep, Fedor’s defeat of Rogers had the fans forgetting the previous bout and there nothing more exciting in sport than the knockout.

Fedor fighting with a broken nose only added to the folklore of this bout.

He’s recognized as one of the great Mixed Martial Artists and he showed why in this bout.

Despite being hurt early and unable to put Rogers away in the first round; Fedor waited for his opportunity and when the opportunity presented itself; he ended the show.

In a evening of interesting bouts, Fedor Emelianenko showed us greatness and there will be many who sat in the Sears Center this evening who can say they saw a great fighter live.