It’s All About The Community

By Wesley Chism Jr., BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: October 29, 2009

SEATTLE (BASN) — Have you ever left your house and began to wonder as you drove away if all of the doors were locked or that you might have forgotten to turn off the gas stove in the kitchen?

These types of thoughts can totally ruin any plans that you may have for the evening.

A similar thing is happening right now in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The Springfield Armor of the NBA Development League is all set to get the season under way with Coach Dee Brown doing the honors of leading this organization in their inaugural season.

Players from near and far have showcased their skills during open try outs and there’s going to be a wealth of talent to choose from on draft day that takes place on November 5th.

The excitement that’s been created in the city is unbelievable! The Armor sold over 1000 season tickets in four months.

Now here’s the problem that the Springfield Armor is having at this time and they need your help.

They haven’t chosen a name for their Mascot!

“This is one of the final steps in establishing our team identity.

Considering our team name was chosen based on the communities input, we thought it would only be fitting to have them help name the mascot as well,” Springfield Armor General Manager Alex Schwerin said.

So please help the Springfield Armor name their Mascot by going to and casting your vote.

The polls will be open until November 8th at 5 pm EDT.

Here’s the list of names to choose from or you can come up with one of your own.

· Ax

· Lance

· Link

· Sabre

· Steal

· Write-in candidate – enabling the community to weigh in with original ideas.

“We want this team to reflect the Springfield community, and this is one more way in which we can accomplish that idea,” added Schwerin.

The first jump ball of the new season will take place in less than 30 days and it would be so wrong to have this poor Mascot running around answering to, “HEY YOU!”