MMA Weekend Roundup

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 12, 2009

IOWA CITY (BASN) — The Klinefelter sisters are two of the best women combat sport fighters in Iowa both as boxers and mixed martial artists. They have yet to lose a professional sport in either sports and they were the headliners in the “Unforgettable” card in Iowa City.

Katy is the bigger of the two sisters and she was fighting Lacy Terrell, a mixed martial arts fighter, was fighting in her first boxing match. Katy used the opening thirty seconds to feel out Terrell before nailing her with a left hook that put Ms. Terrell out.

She moved back, dazed as the referee stopped the bout that lasted just 50 seconds.

In the final event, Emily was the overwhelming favorite as she was fighting Ashliegh “Cool Breeze” Curry, who lost her first fight in a first round knock out. Emily took Curry lightly and in the first round, she got nailed by right hand jabs before she finally settled down in the second half of the fight.

She moved inside the taller Curry to nail her opponents with body shots. As each round progressed, Emily Klinefelter wore Curry down. Curry showed promise going against an accomplished fighter with a long amateur pedigree as well as more professional fights and she did manage to nail the more experienced Emily Klinefelter.

Curry was an exhausted fighter at the end but as one of her corner man noted after the fight, “We need to get her back into the gym and work on her conditioning.” Emily admitted that she did take the opponent lightly and stated, “I ended up in a war.”

Klinefelter showed more versatility in her attack and was able to use both hands to the body before moving effective overhand rights and left hooks to the head. She won a unanimous decision.

The best fight was Jeff Farmer and Armand Horn in a give and take battle. Farmer boxed his way to win the first round but the second round saw Horn turn the tide as his body shots slowed Farmer down and reduced his escape ability.

The first half of the third round, Farmer quick hands continuously nailed Horn but a Horn left hook knocked Farmer’s mouthpiece out halfway through the round and the referee gave Farmer a standing eight count. Farmer moved out of harm way but Horn continued his assault with right hands that hurt Farmer.

Farmer looked behind on cards going into the final three rounds. Farmer stood his ground and occasionally went toe to toe with Horn. Both fighters had their moments but the judges awarded Farmer the decision in a split decision.

This was a close fight that could have gone either way but Farmer combinations and slightly higher work rate may have snagged him the victory.

Two younger fighters had their debut with Anthony “Machine Guns” Linenfelser fighting John Lester, fighting in his third pro fight. Linenfelser pursued Lester throughout the round, and he knocked his opponent down twice; the final knockdown occurred at the bell.

Lester failed to make the count and Linsenfelser had his first win.

Lance “Layem Down” Williams was a six-time Iowa Golden Gloves Champion and now he was fighting his first pro fight. His opponent, Cody Larson, was another Mixed Martial Arts veteran but in the square ring; he was at a disadvantage.

In the opening seconds, Williams jabbed and found an opening to unleash a straight left from his southpaw position. Larson hit the canvas and was out immediately.

Williams and Linsenfeiser won their first bout with ease and now they begin their professional career in earnest. The first fight of the evening featured Enobong “The Nigerian Gentleman” Umohette facing professional opponent Harold Johnson who had managed only four wins in 38 bouts.

In the opening rounds, Umohette every solid shot sent Johnson to the ground as Johnson managed to hit the canvas three times in the opening three minutes. The second round was more of the same as the referee stopped the fight after Johnson hit the canvas for the fourth time.

Umohette won his third fight in four fights and as for Johnson; he will continue his career as a professional opponent for young fighters to build their record.

One interesting observations is how the mixed Martial Arts were at a disadvantages in a boxing ring. Most martial artists are flexible fighters and able to use a variety of styles to take their opponent down.

Not all mixed martial artists are excellent in their hand skills and many are more comfortable in mat work. As Cody Larson told me afterwards, he is more comfortable on the mat and Lacy Terrell said that she prefers to go for submission. Neither fighter looked comfortable as boxers.

This doesn’t mean they aren’t good fighters but in the Mixed Martial arts being a fighter means more than being a boxer.

The Klinefelter sisters have a career in boxing ahead of them but they are becoming good mixed martial artists; so the question is which way will they go? As one of the boxing officials told me, many fighters are finding they are making more money fighting MMA as oppose to boxing.