Straight No Chaser: Roger vs. Mike

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: July 18, 2009

“I doubt Goodell would consult me, but I’d recommend that he let Vick return.”

DENVER (BASN) — Well there you have it. From the mouth of Coach Tony Dungy, one time Super bowl winning coach, former player, father and man-of-the-cloth – a man quickly becoming a confidant of President Obama . . . and he believes Vick has been beaten and insulted enough.

So it’s safe to say, so does the President . . . of the United States of America.

Stay with me . . . Colin Powell, four-star General/secretary of state is a confidant of the President, so it’s fair to assume he too has concluded Vick deserves a second chance.

San Francisco Head Coach Mike Singletary has stated Vick deserves to play in the NFL this season . . . . Do you see the scenario I’m drawing?

You may not dig this . . . but dig this. Most likely – all these Black men believe Vick’s been whipped enough, but nevertheless, their Black hearts pale in comparison to the pale man, Roger Goodell’s perspective.

Roger Goodell! Roger Goodell! The same cat who’s going to allow Rush Limbaugh to buy the St. Louis Rams . . . is going to determine the fate of Vick.

Aint that a bitch! The audacity of some mo-fos’

Excuse my Cuban Coach Dungy, but what the . . . is wrong with this picture? These wise Afro- American men have made a better decision then this lone white man possibly could. They are better equipped to understand Vick. They have walked in his shoes, they are a jury of his peers.

Goodell represents the interest of Vick’s pimps.

Sorry . . . but the Vick saga has always really been about the insecurities and arrogance of white America. At it’s core, this is about the White establishment, be that PETA, ESPN, FOX, FDA, ABC, NFL, AFT, FBI, CIA or the KKK wanting to send that good morning message to Black folks . . .

“Nigger, you ain’t runnin’ nothin’ up in here boy but your mouth.” Vick is symbolic, he “represents” the cock-strong, cock-sure, big-cocked young Black Mandingo who needs to be put in his assigned 1954 time and place.

White America does not like young Black men, let-alone dudes who look like Snoop or Tupac. Hell, they don’t like a 48 year old Ivy League educated, world traveled former Senator living in the White House . . . who’s a Black male.

I just don’t give a damn what anybody says, down in my gut, my spider-senses tell me I can’t trust Goodell to side with these wise men. I fear he and the NFL plantation owners will pacify and placate the American sports fan, who is, at it’s base . . . angry White men.

My bat-senses are screaming!

Goodell has to satisfy the insecurities of White guys who’ve always feared the Black athlete, specifically cast in the visual mode of Jack Johnson. Vick is the beautiful shade of violent and if US History 100 tells me right, White people have an innate love/hate relationship with of Dark skinned Black folks . . . . He is the snow bunny’s erotic fantasy, and Johnny O’Brien’s alpha-male Mike Tyson (may I dance with your date? Nightmare come to life.

Here, hang on, allow me to bring out the chalk board once more . . . .

Vick has ben hated since his college days, because the good ol’ boys knew, if successful, more so then any other Black signal caller on the scene so far, vick has the unique ability to redefine the golden boy position of NFL QB.

To re-specify the specifications for the position, so at the end of camp, the QB slot is now like the RB and DB positions – the skills and tools required to prosper at the position . . . sit beyond the capabilities of 95% of White guys.

Stop me if I’m lying. And numbers and percentages don’t lie.

Vick has the potential, and probably now, the fire under his ass and in his belly – to throw for 250, 15 of 22. And say run for a strategic, back-breaking 103 on 9 carries . . . in a distinct manner and style the white sportsmen cannot duplicate.

That type of juice . . . scares white men, fathers and sons a-like. Unleashed, it would end their make believe dominance, and bring home the fact – this charade has been deliberately orchestrated in order to perpetuate the myth of the great White warrior.

Need I say more? Yeah . . .

Brett Favre can’t put up those diverse numbers, nor the Manning Boys.

OK, I’ll concede, Vick’s successes wouldn’t make obsolete the drop-back immobile stature-like QB, but he clearly would solidify the fact there’s more then one way to play the QB position.

You can be a gifted black athlete and still excel at the position.

Now let’s note, that evolution that I view as progress resulting from diversity and inclusion, is regarded by millions of White folks across the land as a step backward.

The bastardization and niggerazation of their once pure pastimes . . . .Fan the flames of fear the NFL will soon look like the NBA . . . .

Gimme a flippin’ break. . . . Back to the Black-board, it’s a Black board now, the chalk is powder blue . . . .


Goodell and most White folks, believe they actually do have the “ability to talk to the animals,” therefore, logically , Goodell see’s himself as a “Negro Whisperer.”

Goodell believe’s he can peer into Vick’s mind and soul . . . “to decipher if the nigger is honestly sorry for fightin’ dogs, gamblin’, smokin’ weed and most importantly . . .

lying to White folks”

So Goodell will do no more then “listen” to these wise Black men, it’s the tactful thing to do, kinda like the Rooney Rule – looks good, sounds good, but, when the huddle breaks, Goodell will rely on his Dr.

Doolittle abilities to talk to and understand the animals . . . .

That’s arrogance.

Dungy and Singletary’s weighing n’ measuring of Vick ought to be good enough for Goodell. He ought to seek their council and heed their words.

Get this straight, Vick has had the Willie Lynch book thrown at him. He’s been branded and strung up, all in an effort to make an example of him, to show Black folks . . .

we reward who we want to reward – it can all be taken from you boy.

He’s served his excessive time for the long classified as a misdemeanor crime, there’s no need to now additionally beat him down – because some White mind reader has read his mind – and concluded the man-child is not repentant, not sorry enough . . . as far as a genuine, authentic, certified Negro Whisperer is concerned.