Straight No Chaser: ‘Furloughing’ The Help

By Desi Cortez
Updated: March 14, 2009

DENVER — There’s a common thread connecting news headlines, and if you just pull back the covers, you can see the dirty sheet.

The New York, New York Jets, are yes, furloughing front office employees, “furlough” — you know, unpaid leave. This is a term like “down-sizing,” which was used to soften “laid-off”, which was a softer, gentler version of “fired.”

These off-field workers are historically taken for granted. These, the People who punch-a-clock, who’re burden with having to message the fragile ego’s of mid-level managers, those truly manipulative ass-kissers who’ve been given a title, a little power.

Yes the hard-working folks – grunts, O-Lineman, who nobody gives a damn about . . . are being placed on unpaid leave . . . so these hairy debutantes can live like biblical kings.

Nevertheless, the organization can’t function without the worker-bees. Those guys are being asked to take two weeks off . . . to assist in tightening the ol’ belt . . . lightening the load.

Ain’t that a bitch . . . .

Why would ownership not take that needed money from the top, the folks who’re clearly overpaid? Why not skim one million off-the-top of the players and coaches grossly inflated salaries . . . so you can save these working folks two weeks of pay?

Wait, that’s two weeks of pay – in a country where the average US citizen is 1 paycheck (that’s two weeks) away from being in the street, homeless, car-less, cold and hungry.

The rich just don’t get it . . . or love themselves some money so much – they don’t give a damn who has to suffer so they can stuff their draws with mo’ money.

The Jets management informed these workers they’d be taking a hit, so, dig this – the millionaire club could be maintained. As if the average player could not forgo, what, say maybe $12,471. 33.

A figure most of these players don’t have the education or work experience to eclipse if they had to get a job in the real world . . . . What an irony.

I might be off- base here, like Roberto Clemente leading off 2nd trying to steal 3rd, but the Jets mismanagement team must be oblivious to the headlines; The American people are tied of the top 2 to 5% getting away with murder, walking away with millions.

It’s not fair. On top of that, hoarding money is not what a gentleman or Boy Scout is suppose to do. And that’s what players, coaches and owners claim to be – right?

Good and decent, not money hungry bastards who’d rather see a front office secretary have to pull her kids out of a quality day care center, have them stay with the neighbor during the day, because she’s taking this hit in her purse . . . so these wealthy men can maintain that 3rd vacation home in Tobago.

Now, at the same time, in Ohio, a school janitorial job was posted last week . . . and 700 people show up for the 15 bucks an hour gig . . . 700 . . . 700, that’s so right, it’s wrong as hell.

In Idaho, there closing one of the more ambitious ski resort endeavors attempted in the last quarter century, Tamarrack, apparently there’s not enough filthy rich people around today, to throw away a couple of million bucks on a 4th vacation home . . . .

Yeah, in most ski towns, despite these rich bastards bitching about how the “little folks don’t understand how the rich feed the economy”, make it all happen – the jobs being lost in part will be slave-wage gigs, jobs which require tips to make it profitable, tips, as in crumbs off the titanium top table these pompous fatcats think is acceptable for them to slide their fat Rush Limbaugh listening to asses up to.

Rockwell’s America has lost out to Rockafellah’s play-land.

The inhabitants of these mountain towns . . . the butchers, bakers, the cops, nurses, fireman and teachers can’t even afford to rent a Tough-Shed size cabin with-in 50 miles of the city they serve, prices have artificially inflated so much due to the elites carving out their own gated mountain side.

And, at the end of the day, the Great One, Jim Brown, closing down Amer-I-Can, his non-profit, which was doing what Johnny Law, the White Missionaries and the devoted BMW driving mink claded Black preachers couldn’t – throwing pow-wows, in the hills above LA, where West Side Peru Baby Crips, and East Side War Lord Bloods smoke the peace pipe . . . .

Need I say more?

Rich people aren’t giving anymore. Hey, when you get down to only a few million is assets, two homes, boat, RV, plane, six cars, 14 credit cards, a Villa in Cancun, a loft in the Big Apple, you gotta tighten up on your backstroke..

A lot of rich people listening to the Fat-Back Band.

I guess the NFL Players Association has not considered underwriting JB’s gallant effort -make a difference. Considering players won’t step-up to deflect the pain from the folks who work with them, it’s safe to say these selfish clowns can’t cough up 1% of their check to fund something so . . . unimportant.

All these aspiring to be, tri-testicled dual penised supermen, some, hell far, far too many being gun-toting gangsters, who can’t seem to stay away from the thug-life.

Predictably, they don’t know Jim Brown’s program exist. Still. they do tragically have a brother, a cousin, a father, nephew, neighbor – caught up in these self-destructive lifestyles.

Arrogance and greed. Simple and plain isn’t it.

In the headlines; A former California bookkeeper embezzled $9.9 million, forcing her company to make layoffs as she bought 400 pairs of shoes that she kept in a room-sized closet decorated with a crystal chandelier and a plasma and a giant screen TV.

What we won’t do for money. No, what won’t we do for unlimited options and choices, because that’s what money is, the ability to choose. No one just loves dollar bills, we love what we can do with it . . . .

Pop’s called money “passports”, the paper which allowed you to go anywhere, buy everything and do anything. You can use it for good or . . . .

Aspiring aristocrats all across America appeared to have had this belief, this misconception they were entitled to live like Little Lords, queens, barons, seeking that gaudy gold lame lifestyle.

Make no mistake about it, Reagan advocated greed just over a quarter-of-an-century-ago, and my era of American mankind – we ate it up. We, the spoiled, pampered, overly loved, held way too much as a baby Generation $.

Delusional. Can you say delusional . . . ?

It seems we are a nation of chiefs, who think we need our own personal chefs, and very few people want to be Indians. Maybe in America’s case we should all be . . . savages .