Straight No Chaser: Birds Of A Feather

By Desi Cortez
Updated: March 7, 2009

DENVER — Here in the Mile-Hi metropolis, we’ve got a media problem which I believe can be found in a number of NFL cities. It’s not unique, but it is damn near criminal.

Clear Channel Broadcasting has radio operations which are home to both the NFL team of that city, as they are here with the Broncos, and the Pied Piper of America’s Third Reich . . . Rush Limbaugh.

I can’t help but think the NFL’s involvement in this business relationship . . . reflects a “conflict of interest.”

If I understand it correctly, the NFL wants the President to succeed. As we all know by now, Rush does not. That does constitute conflicting interest . . . no? Hell, I’d call it clashing even.

This conflict appears obvious. How obvious? Ray Charles and Helen Keller could see it if they were still here. Stevie doesn’t have to wonder – his ears tell him there’s a major contradiction here; Limbaugh want’s the President of the United States of America . . . to fail.

Today, Rush is advocating the ballet. How long before it’s the bullet? We’re talking, perhaps at some point . . . armed sedition.

Is failure what Roger Goodell wants? Might this be what NFL owners want . . . for Obama to fail? Does Mr. Bowlen, here in Denver want the President to fail also? If Obama fails, then America fails to an obvious extent.

Right now a solid 3 in 4 Americans want this President to alter the downward spiral this nation looks to be unable to pull out of. Does the NFL want him to succeed at this noble endeavor?

If the league does want failure – then, as fans, as taxpayers who underwrite the NFL’s prosperity – I think we have a right to know owners are aligned against the guy in the nose-bleed seats. The little man the league strives to identify with . . . and profit from.

What side are the fat-cat owners on – Rush’s side or . . . America ‘s side? I can safely venture to say – most of these self-proclaimed nobles voted Republican this last time around. Are these politicians and businessmen now taking their orders from Lord Limbaugh?

Are they on Rush’s side or the Presidents side, America’s side, the people’s side?

Silly ass me, I would think the NFL wouldn’t want to be too closely associated with the folks who pump Rush out, distribute his Walt Kowalski thoughts across the land, to the four corners of the globe even.

Global, you bet; racism, sexism and elitism is the face of this country abroad, in-part, thanks to ugly, arrogant pompous, pretentious, rude, inflated Americans like Rush . . . who loudly declare their hatred of the United Nations.

Silly ass me again, I would think the NFL wouldn’t desire to be coupled to a national/global radio operation, Clear Channel, so closely attached not solely to Rush – but his wanna-be’s; you know – Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, and, on the regional/local level – a vast network of lesser-known radio hosts – guys who’re amplify and echo the lies, who’re endlessly tossing bombs in an effort to be seen and heard, move to the next level of the broadcasting game-.

Here in Denver , you can tune into 850 KOA, the voice of the Broncos and Rush – and you will hear rats in search of cheese, like Bob Newman, a host, say things like “Obama just told the abortion-mill organization Planned Parenthood that kindergartners should be taught sex education. Obama’s a “clown [who] appears to have the IQ of a road-killed toad and the morals of an alley cat.”

Or, try this; responding to a caller’s statement that “we better start learning Arabic” if Obama is elected president, Newsradio 850 KOA’s “Gunny” Bob Newman stated that “there will be an invasion of Muslim terrorists” if Obama is elected.

During the NFL season, this cat directly follows Bronco games occasionally.

Lastly, dig this; Newman’s labeled Obama a “clown” and stated, “Son, you are not some sort of macho tough guy, trust me.” Directly addressing Obama, Newman asked, “What are you gonna do, Obama, come to Denver and try, key word try, to whip my white ass?

Continuing, Newman said, “Son, you are not some sort of macho tough guy, trust me. You are just another blowhard, make-believe thug who wants to be the most powerful man on Earth. You’re a far-left, terrorist-hugging politician, not the bad-boy gangsta you want people to believe you are.”

The NFL’s Broncos share the radio platform with this White man gone mad, and they’re well aware of it.

It’s OK with Clear Channel, note Rush was the birth place of “Barack . . . the magic Negro” parody, not to mention, Rush, a few years back in his illustrious career did instruct a Afro-American caller to “remove the bone from his nose” . . . as to be able to understand Rush’s point.

So we can agree, the bone in your nose redneck crack, that’s merely a telling slur, but Rush’s statement about Obama failing . . . that borders on high treason, an advocation of sabotage, disloyalty, treachery. . . .

How can the NFL explain it’s OK to share the same stage with this chauvinistic, bigoted pig?

How can the NFL allow stations to advertise the local team during Rush’s show, promoting, connecting the NFL with Rush? ESPN knew enough to place distance between themselves and this dressed-up, well spoken, good humored Klansman – why does not the NFL do the same?

How can the NFL, supposedly a national pastime which appeals to the blue-collar and no-collar worker ants, allow itself to be tethered to a elitist who bemoans FDR’s New Deal, rails against LBJ’s Great Society and deplores the Civil Rights advancements of the 1960’s. Rush deems these times the Dark Ages.

Yes, how can the NFL dismiss their connection to a man who believes Dr. Martin Luther King to be a communist . . . ? Gee, Rush and the boys think the President is a commie/pinko/socialist/gay/ terrorist, or at least that’s what they keep calling him.

But let’s not wander all over the field giving examples of Rush’s biases – there’re websites where the verbally abuses and slights are documented, sites dedicated to telling the truth, shaming the 350 pound hooded draft-dodging, drug addicted-Chicken-Hawk .

Let’s focus on Limbaugh right here and right now. He is standing on the verge of leading a revolt against this president. Millions of Americans whole-heartedly believe he is fanning the flames of racial hatred and class warfare.

Why would the NFL choose, yeah select, “opt” to stay connected to this fuming, mad, insecure paranoid White guy? Can it be Common ground? The NFL owners cartel concurs with Rush?

He is consistently bragging about being in NFL owners boxes on Sundays. . . .

Or, might it be the owners don’t care if their product is so closely associated with a man who’s advocating the failure of the country? It’s common knowledge Rush wants to purchase an NFL team, preferably the East St. Louis Rams

Does it matter to the NFL Rush’s opinions are a affront to 80% of the league’s players? Does it matter his viewpoints are both a slap in the face and a kick in the testicles of Black Americans, Latinos, Women, every group in this country but . . . conservative White men are slighted on a regular basis on this man’s show.

Rush refers to stations which host his show as “broadcasting partners”, I refer them to as accomplices’, cronies, partners in crime, and that crime – undermining, subverting the President of the United States of America.

My pops, god rest that ol’ Black Panther’s soul, always told me – “Birds of a feather . . . flock together. “