Showing The Entire Package

By Tonya Raymond
Updated: March 9, 2009

TORONTO — Unstoppable? Extraordinary?

Or how about simply Dwayne Wade.

NBA fans around the world and even in Toronto depending on who you talk to can all say they were treated to another stellar performance from an all-star athlete.

I could go for days trying to find the right word to sum up Friday night’s game between the Miami Heat and The Toronto Raptors. But with a 108-102 victory in favor of Miami and an on fire performance from Wade, the word of the day had to be “magnificent”.

Dwayne Wade driving in the lane… pulls up… fakes left and hits a sweet jumper. Doing all that at the expense of Toronto Raptor Anthony Parker who hits the hardwood floor…ouch.

Or how about Wade goes to work on Marion and nails a triple with 25.8 seconds left in the first half to put his team up by 5.

And who could forget…. Wade dribbling the ball with fifty seconds left in the fourth quarter and Parker draped all over him. Time is winding down …Wade squares up towards the basket and releases… the ball goes off the glass and into the net. Wade pulls back and clutches his fist in the air.

Simply Dwayne Wade…simply magnificent!

“Right now I’m just in a groove. [With] my jumpshot going like it is I get more confident, hopefully I can keep it up,” said Dwayne Wade.

Not only was it a special night with Wade scoring 42 points — his fourth time in seven games surpassing the 40-point mark — but it was also a special night for some old Toronto Raptors.

It was the first time Miami and Toronto played against each other since, Feburary 14th the day that Miami sent Shawn Marion and Marques banks in exchange for Jermaine O’Neal and Jamario Moon.

And with the game going the right way for Miami, no one was happier to get a win for their new guys than Mr. Wade.

“I’m glad we got the win for them guys. They came out very aggressive. Without the two guys we wouldn’t have won this game. They did the little things.”

O’Neal, who was grateful for his time in Toronto, finished the game with eight points, four blocked shots and eight rebounds in 27 minutes.

“I don’t know if you remember the play where the ball was going out of bounds and he (Jermaine) dove into the crowd, saving it and giving us another possession,” said Wade.

Wade also spoke highly of Moon, who was able to give his new team a lift with five points, five boards and two assists.

But what do the newly acquired members of the Heat think of Mr. Showstopper?

“With him (Wade) it makes it easier to still try to learn the offensive. I’m still learning. Just to watch him do the things he does on any given night it’s tremendous. I think him, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are in a world by themselves right now,”

“I played with some great players but what he does is unbelievable… he just turns it on,” O’Neal added.

There is no question that both O’Neal and Moon are happy with their current situation. I mean who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by nice weather and to hit Miami Beach on their day off.

But with all the perks that comes with the city nothing can be more satisfying than to be placed right in the middle of a playoff race.

With the resurrection of Dwayne Wade, the Heat is currently sitting in the fifth spot of the eastern conference. And that would make any player happy including Moon.

“It feels good. It feels just like how it felt last year in Toronto. It feels great[and] I’m enjoying it,” Moon said.

But as much as it was the D-Wade show… let’s look at the Toronto Raptors…

Raptor Notes

Chris Bosh: The All-Star had a quiet 34 point performance. Correct me if I’m wrong but with five minutes left in the fourth quarter and a game that can go either way I have to see the ball go to the main man on both teams. We all know what Wade did and Bosh had his touches too but maybe the Raptors didn’t go to him as often as they would have liked. For the raptors to have success they have to have Bosh at least touch the ball… and yes sometimes it gets ugly when Bosh holds it too long and the defense locks in on him but there’s no reason why Bosh shouldn’t be touching the ball each and every possession.

Jose Calderon: I have to wonder if he’s 100% healthy with only three points and six assists in thirty minutes of action. We all know when Calderon has it he has it and when he’s not himself he can’t seem to hit a shot.

Sean Marion and Marcus Banks: Shawn Marion had only 10 points and 5 rebounds against his former team while Marques Banks only saw 2 minutes on the court unable to get a bucket. It would have been nice to see the high flying Marion get some more points but one thing to note every time the Raptors look to push the ball in transition it is Marion who is the first one running down the other end of the court.

Effort: In Friday’s game no one can question where the Raptors effort was. They managed to keep the game close and gave themselves a chance to win.

Time: The L’s continue to pile up and it seems that the time is just about to expire. Around the arena I keep hearing “the time is now for the Raptors to make a push” or “the Raptors gave themselves a chance to win” but as a fan first and a journalist second it comes to a point where enough is enough.

Can we keep saying “It’s time to make a push” after each game we lose? Don’t get me wrong in no way am I trying to belittle the Raptors but if they don’t push now and try to string some wins together when are they going to do it?

Update: Miami fell to the Cavaliers on Saturday with 89-99 loss. Dwayne Wade had 25 points and Mo Williams led all scorers with 29.

The Raptors took another hit on Sunday with a 101-109 loss against the Utah Jazz. Deron Williams led his team with 25 points and 9 assists while Chris Bosh had another impressive 30-point performance.