Paint It Black

By Gary Norris Gray
Updated: March 31, 2009

PSU UniformsCALIFORNIA — As March Madness moves into its Final Four weekend we take note of what some university and college basketball teams have been doing the past three years, specifically the wearing of Black Basketball uniforms.

Black is not the primary color consequently it is considered an alternative uniform.

It is just another money grab, another publicity stunt. There are over 20 universities and colleges involved in this alternative uniform scam and the American public should address this issue.

These universities and colleges are receiving extra income with these third jerseys.

There are a few universities and college that wear black uniforms as a tribute to fallen comrades on the court while others the question remains — Does black equal green?

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Listed below are the schools and universities in question and their correct colors the last three years.

Kentucky Wildcats: blue and white

Stanford Cardinal: cardinal red and white

Georgetown Hoyas: gray and blue/white trim

Texas Longhorns: burnt orange and white

Louisville Cardinals: red and white/black trim

//<![CDATA[ //]]> California Golden Bears: blue and gold/white trim

Arizona Wildcats: blue and red/white trim

Miami Hurricanes: o range and green/white trim

Georgia Bulldogs: red and white/black trim

Baylor Bears: green and gold/white trim

//<![CDATA[ //]]> Montana Grizzlees: brunt orange and white

Oregon Ducks: green and gold/white trim

USC Trojans: crimson and gold/white trim

Nebraska Cornhuskers: red and white

Duke Blue Devils: blue and white

Tennessee Volunteers: orange and white

//<![CDATA[ //]]> Oklahoma Sooners: maroon and white

Rutgers Scarlet Knights: red and white/black trim

Temple Owls: cherry red and white

The question to the NCAA, is there a rule about uniforms? The majority of teams do not wear these third jerseys during the NCAA Tournament, nor do they wear them during the National Invitational Tournament.

There is a dress code on the basketball floor but the average basketball fans are unaware of these rules. Two weeks ago the Temple Owls walked on the floor wearing black and white uniforms.

The Owls colors are cherry red and white. So why the Black uniforms?

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At some point during this season every women’s team of the ACC have dressed in black uniforms in tribute to Kay Yow head coach of the North Carolina State Lady Wolf Pack.

Yow passed away from a long battle with cancer last year. Many SEC teams have done likewise in respect to Head Coach Yow. Other NCAA women’s teams have don pink uniforms honoring Yow.

The University of Kentucky Wildcats Men ‘s team wore black uniforms the last game of this season in tribute to their long time team equipment manager Bill Keishtley, who passed away earlier this season.

Many coaches require players to come to the stadium or gym neatly and dressed. Ballplayers must have their top matching the bottom of the uniform. Also tucked in or the team will be a fine or assess a technical foul each half.

This should apply to the universities and college basketball team with the issue of team jersey color?

//<![CDATA[ //]]> The next question is why?

Memphis University (formerly known as Memphis State ) wanted to wear the Colors of FedEx at the NCAA Tournament this year. FedEx is the world wide shipping company whose colors are purple, white, and orange.

Memphis University team colors are sky blue, grey, and white, that’s not even close. The city is the home base for the FedEx Company and the Tigers wanted to promote and honor this company for helping the communities of the Memphis area with jobs.

After much discussion about the issue of cooperate free advertising on their basketball uniforms for FedEx. The Tiger basketball administration decided not to wear the purple, orange, and white uniforms.

The question still remains why other college and university basketball teams wear these dark alternative uniforms and what is the ruling by the NCAA on this issue?

Will universities and colleges sell the alternative Black jerseys for profit? Many administrators know that young people love these jerseys and would buy them.

And furthermore, when will the student – athletes that fill those jerseys get properly compensated for their services as employees of the schools that make millions of dollars?