Did Chambers make the statement?

By Tom Donelson
Updated: March 29, 2009

Boxing Gloves IOWA CITY — Samuel Peter came into his fight with Eddie Chambers weighing more than he has ever and it showed. From the fifth round on, his mouth wide open and Peter often gasp for breath.

Yet, the fight was close because Fast Eddie allowed the Nigerian to stay in the fight. Chambers, whose style resembles Chris Byrd, outlanded his opponent nearly two to one but he never seem to have Peter in trouble and there was time that he played defense while allowing Peter to throw punches.

Throughout the bout, Chambers unloaded his right following his accurate left jabs but there were lapses and it was during those lapses that Peter attacked.

What was missing from Peter was the ferocity that marked his career. Like the previous Vital Klitschko fight, Peter rarely let his hand go and the power that once paralyzed fighters on the way up the Heavyweight ladder appear missing.

Chambers’ cautious approach was due to the threat of Peter’s power, but never in the fight did the power ever come into place.

In the opening rounds, Peter attempted a body attack to weaken the smaller Chambers but he could never sustain his attack. Nor did his power bothered Chambers.

This was Chambers’ fight to lose and he almost did that because of his period of inactivity. Many of the rounds were close as Peter threw the majority of the punches but Chambers the more accurate; always connecting on more shots every round.

One judge had it 95-95 whereas the other two scored it 96-94 and 99-91 for Chambers.After the fight, he admitted that he should have done more in this fight and need to let his hands go in future fight.

While Chambers wants a championship fight but there is nothing in this fight to suggest that Chambers have the power to beat either of the Klitschko’s brothers and his speed will not be enough.

As for Peter, there was talk of this being a crossroad fight but a power puncher can always turn his career around.

Peter can knock people out and there were times that he showed skills and modicum of quickness to bother Chambers enough to make Chambers hesitant.

As ESPN’s Teddy Atlas noted, Peter began his career at 229 pounds and now he is fighting consistently fighting above 250 and in this fight he went north of the 260 pound market.

He doesn’t have the drive that made him the nightmare early in his career. Peter should have beaten Chambers by simply overwhelming him but instead he simply ran out of gas early.

For Peter, he must dedicate himself to his craft or he will simply become an opponent.

Chambers wants to be a Heavyweight champion but unless he throws more punches, he will be on the losing end of other bouts just as he was against Alexander Povetkin.

The difference between Chris Byrd and Chambers was that Byrd wasn’t afraid to unleash punches. At his peak, he often out punched his opponent.

In a desperate do or die battle against Jameel McCline; Byrd averaged nearly 100 punches per round in the last two rounds to pull out victory.

Byrd is now pursuing a Cruiserweight champion and Chambers may need to think along the same lines.


In the opening bout, Shawn Estrada was going for his third victory and his opponent, Ray Craig, did his job by playing the role of the opponent.

Estrada unleashed a punch within the zip code of Craig’s head and Craig went down. The second right hand nailed Craig on the forehead but the third knockdown was by a punch within close proximity and Craig simply went down.

This was a fight that Estrada learned nothing except that he can defeat an inferior opponent by being close.

Meanwhile John Molina fought Ecuadoran fighter Carlos Vinan Soto and the smaller Soto came after Molina as he pushed the younger fighter to the rope.

Unleashing punches upon Molina’s body, Soto decided to go for broke in the first round and for the first two minutes and forty five seconds, he had all the advantage.

A Molina uppercut followed by a left hook stunned Soto and while Soto activity may have won the round, the last fifteen seconds of the round doomed the Ecuadoran.

In the second round, Molina skills and power dominated the round. Soto continued his attack but he kept running into Molina’s power and as each second of the round progressed; Soto punches lost steam.

His punches appeared slower and wider which allowed Molina to connect with ever more accuracy. The referee stopped the fight halfway as Soto lay on the rope helpless.

These fights showed that Chambers is a fighter with skills but not the power to be a future Heavyweight champion. Chambers will soon face a decision time when it comes to his career.