The ‘Not For The Lord’ League

By Gary Norris Gray
Updated: February 14, 2009

CALIFORNIA — Last Sunday afternoon was the last game of the 2008-09 NFL season in Hawaii. The Pro Bowl was played on a very hot football field. Most football fans did not even see the game and do not really caring about who won.

The NFC beat the AFC 27-21.

But there is another issue that the NFL might have to address next season.

The NFL has had many other names in the past. For example The National Fluke League, The Not for Long League, and The No Fun League but they have outdone themselves in the last two-years.

The most recent name for NFL, is The “Not For The Lord” League. What the NFL tried to enforce last two years has been shameful and should be considered a national embarrassment.

This year they sent another warning to Mega churches. They were told they had to cease and desist their Super Bowl gatherings.

Last year, the NFL told mega churches that they had to limit the number of people at their church Super Bowl parties. Limit the number or pay the NFL and Fox Sports for the telecast that has exclusive broadcasting rights.

This year ESPN and NBC Sports joined the bandwagon and followed last year’s edict by the NFL and Fox Sports. The fact that American churches had these parties without any incidents is hidden.

A church party is where sports fans gathered in a safe environment. These parties are held without alcohol, or drugs, without profanity and fighting, without beating up their spouses.

This simple act in churches didn’t make many executives at the NFL and NBC-TV offices pleased. Large groups gathering together having fun while watching a sport they loved. These events are cutting into the profits of both the NFL and NBC because it’s a numbers game in advertising.

Consider this; NFL did not inform sports bars, diners with televisions, or sports stores across the country of this edict. Oh yeah, I forgot they are selling their products for the NFL. Beer, wine, soda, shirts, team hats, cups, key chains, and team uniforms are some of the products being sold.

This year ESPN and NBC Sports had a hand in this continuing shameful act. They wanted more TV viewers on Feb 1, so that their ratings would increase. Well, both the NFL and NBC got their wish.

Super Bowl XLIII received the highest rating of all time and even surpassed last year’s Super Bowl. The game was the second most-watched show in television history. Only the last televised episode of MASH superseded it.

One wonders if we have become a country that is so greedy that it would impede on the rights of people to assemble in a peaceful orderly way to watch a three hour football game especiallyin their local church.

Maybe this is not what our new national past-time is striving for. The “Not For the Lord League” is simply not listening to common sense and reasoning. The question must be asked — Why is the NFL promoting this boorish attitude?

This attitude that says “I’m bigger then the common American, we don’t like churches making the rules and big corporate industries like television and the NFL can make their own rules.

We now have a new Presidentin the White House, who is an avid sports fan; one would think that the NFL and NBC would change this caveman proclamation. One would hope that next year many mega churches across the county will be open after Sunday Service for the next Super Bowl

The NFL has some explaining to do, or be forever known as the “NOT FOR THE LORD” League.